Introducing the latest Social Studies textbook unable to reproduce 27 simple words that comprise the Second Amendment.

The screen capture below is from their website tutorial for students.

social studies2a

The correct answer would be “NONE OF THE ABOVE”, but I don’t think that’s the answer they are seeking in their creative interpretation of “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

Of course, the gun-hating leftists who wrote this book will say, “Well, you can’t typically have machine guns, howitzers, and so forth”.  So, they would argue “certain kinds of guns” would be correct.

Except they make no mention of “certain kinds of speech, religions, press, petition and assembly” for the First Amendment protections.


The book is being used in many American schools including some schools in Austin, Texas.

Parents, make sure you look over your children’s school books and keep an eye out for leftist indoctrination.

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7 thoughts on “HISTORICAL REVISIONISM: “Social Studies” to please gun haters…”
  1. There is a reason the founding fathers did not want to get into the education biz. As it stands now, we are dangerously close to a one shop operation, where the government teaches kids what it wants them to believe. Only with vigilant teachers, parents, and other citizens do kids today see the deception for what it is.
    While there may be exceptions, I see public education as a fraud and more about turning out obedient serfs than self informed citizens.

    1. Exactly, and now with them pushing meals for the little sculls full of mush even when school is not in session because mommy and absatntee daddy can’t afford to feed their little offspring, the libiots will have complete control over the low information generations lifelong.

  2. Every time I see a school bus going down the road, I can’t help but think that it is more of a cattle car, reminiscent of WWII, taking its passengers to who knows what.
    Far too many of the parents are totally oblivious.

  3. As small and insignificant as a parent can feel going up against the school, if you stand alone, know that thousands of other parents are with you doing the same thing in IL. March 9 begins the first round of the left-wing, politically motivated Common Core testing spear-headed by O’bummer. His goal is to federally mandate your child’s education into how this socialist administration believes American public schools should be “transforming” the minds of impressionable youth. We have opted my 6th grader out of the P.A.R.R.C. test designed for failure. Don’t believe what they tell you about not being able to opt out or that money will be taken away from your school. The ISBE has NO written policy for kids that opt out or how districts will lose money. Just like the democrats, they revert to scare tactics in the face of opposition they are receiving all over. The school cannot make your kid take the test, but they will try and your child has to be strong and say no first in many cases. Be vigilant in how they treat your decision and child. Tell others and news outlets if need be. Call your state reps to support HB306 opt out of testing bill to protect students’ and parents’ rights. If we give in now, then our children’s future and this country are lost forever.

    1. Home school, and cut out all of the public school crap entirely. Every one will be better off as a result, especially your child.

    2. Unfortunately, not an option for many. If we don’t make stand as a majority then these small numbers will have even less of an impact on our society. Did you know in Germany today, homeschooling is not allowed. Amazing how some things still stick around in a post-Nazi country. Even scarier how this country is headed in the same direction.

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