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Crime happens everywhere, including upscale apartment complexes like the one above.

“Just give them what they want and you’ll be okay.”

That was the catch phrase of civilian disarmament advocates throughout the 1970s onward.  Armed violence was just a fact of life in the big cities, and sometimes it happened to you.  Of course, the gun haters would say that “you’ll only get hurt” if you resist the poor man forced into armed violence by an oppressive society.

Then came September 11, 2001.  Three planeloads of people complied.  “Just give them what they want and we’ll be okay,” they were no doubt praying.

3,000 people died thanks to their attitudes of submission and compliance.

Meanwhile, a fourth plane, destined to crash into the U.S. Capitol, had some courageous men on board who said, “Hell no!  We’re not going to let them do this!”  They resisted, and perished in the ensuing fight to regain control of the aircraft.

So when we read today about docile Americans submitting to armed violence only to be shot anyway, it angers us that this failed advice continues to be practiced.  If a bad guy will violate the social contract of decent people by sticking a gun or knife in your face, threatening to kill you if you don’t comply, why would you think they would abide by the new contract offering your life for compliance?

Check out this story from Connecticut (via NBC Connecticut)

Police said a group of people who had left Eli’s Tavern, at 21 Daniel Street, were walking into the parking garage when two men approached them and demanded their personal belongings.

One of the robbers pointed a handgun at the group and fired a shot in the neck of one of the victims, police said.

At this point, one of the victims, who was a concealed carry licensee, pulled his own gun and shot back.

In self-defense, another victim grabbed his own licensed firearm and returned fire, striking one of the robbers, police said. The second person ran off.

Police said they recovered two firearms at the crime scene and the wounded suspect, identified as Rumone Richard, 23, of Bridgeport, and the victim were transported to a local hospital.

Thankfully, the innocent who was shot in the neck suffered only a grazing wound and was released from the hospital.  Sadly, Rumone’s wounds weren’t fatal and taxpayers will be paying for his care and custody for a long time, thanks to a long list of charges.

Richard is in serious condition and has been charged with criminal attempt to commit murder, four counts of criminal attempt to commit robbery in the first degree, conspiracy to commit robbery in the first degree, criminal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a stolen firearm, unlawful discharge of a firearm and first-degree assault.

6 thoughts on “You would have thought September 11, 2001 ended the days of “Just give them what they want””
  1. Don’t tell Shannon. She still believes this doesn’t happen. It’ll ruin her day

  2. Ted Nugent had it right when he said he does’t like repeat offenders … he likes DEAD offenders.

  3. Meanwhile, a fourth plane, destined to crash into the U.S. Capitol, had some courageous men on board who said, “Hell no! We’re not going to let them do this!” They resisted, and perished in the ensuing fight…

    Thereby SAVING lives.

    The life you save may not just be yours.

  4. Guy should have noticed a couple of guys loitering around before they got the drop on him.

    Failing that, he should have drawn on them.

    It’s amazing how pulling a gun on a thug(TM) will completely leave them rattled.

    I remember that Cook County sergeant who shot that thug(TM) in the head at the gas station robbery when it was three against one. The other two thugs(TM) ran away like they were on fire!

    They aren’t toughs. They are bullies. And when it’s an even fight, they are cowards.


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