From Ki4u.com, a company I’ve bought stuff from before, is a tremendous offer.  For $1, they’ll send you a rudimentary radiation dosimeter.  How cool is that.

To the first 1,000 people.

Here’s the link.

RADSticker™ peel & stick, postage stamp sized, instant color developing dosimeter, is always ready and with you 24/7, stuck onto the back of your drivers license or anything you keep close, for any future radiation emergency.

Non-electrical, reliable, rugged and useful for determining radiation exposure and if medical treatment required in a major radiological incident, such as a nuclear or dirty bomb explosion, nuclear power plant accident or mishandled radiation sources. “Based on information available to the NRC, an average of approximately 375 sources or devices of all kinds are reported lost or stolen each year in the U.S. — that is, roughly one per day.”NRC

2 thoughts on “DEAL OF THE DAY: Radiation dosimeter for $1”
  1. These normally sell in 5-packs for $25 plus shipping. This is a steal, and a thousand of them will probably go quickly.

    Everyone should have one in their wallet.. just in case. You’ll never remember it’s there unless it’s needed. Does your loved one carry one?

    And while you’re at the web site, download the two free ebooks he offers. This company is the real deal when it comes to nuclear preparedness.

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