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Ladies and gents:

We fell victim to some cyber thugs who crippled our website this past weekend, using malware of some sort that exploited a weakness in WordPress.

We temporarily shut down comments, but have re-opened them with some enhanced security features.

Here’s how comments will roll:  Comments will require you to “cut” and “paste” a code to thwart computer-based submissions.  Your first comment will require moderation approval.  Subsequent comments will be automatically approved unless you’re a bad boy or girl and can’t comport yourself to common standards of decency.  To our readers’ credit, haven’t really had a problem with excessive or harsh profanity or racial epitaphs (if you can’t communicate without the use of racial pejoratives, etc., then you need to work on your language skills).

So, comment away.  We’ll approve them and then you’ll be able to leave comments which will appear without delay.

9 thoughts on “POSTING COMMENTS: Comments encouraged, and you don’t need a log-in…”
  1. They may slow us down, but will never silence us, there are too many good people working here to keep us informed. Jim.

  2. SB1413 is a bill in the works for gun registration! Anyone up for a New York style cookout? Light those stupid forms on fire. @jboch, I and I’m sure other liberty lovers in the Chicago-land area would love to hear you on the radio like the Joe Walsh show am 560. Thank you to all at GSL for what you guys and gals ddo, and God bless

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