Sam Colt made J. Hustle equal with a gang-banging, dreadlocked thug trying to intimidate him over the color of jacket he was wearing.

“I see why white people’s so stereotypical of these [guys] …  …you walk up to me with your nappy-assed dreads, with your pants hangin’ below your ass, then you suspect!”

Here’s the video.  Surprisingly conservative point of view for World Star Hip Hop.

Warning:  NSFW.  Language.


5 thoughts on “ARMED AMERICAN: Chicago CCWer puts hoodlum in his place”
  1. Aside from his “Colorful” language, I think I’d welcome a guy like J. Hustle in my neck of the woods. He’s no sheeple.


  2. The pro-2nd amendment crowd exists under a big tent (young/old, rich/poor, minorities, women, gays, even some liberals.)

    Glad to have you aboard, J. Hustle!

  3. sadly he is 100% right . if you dont educate your kids to act correctly and live by the 10 commandments then bang your dead

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