What happens when you point a gun at a cop and ignore eight commands to put your hands up?

In Westerville, OH, you stand a fair chance of getting perforated multiple times, especially when you’re actively trying to engage the law enforcement officer.

Westerville Police released the dashcam video of the 2013 incident yesterday.  Viewer discretion advised.

And the female passenger?  She’s darn lucky she was unhurt.


Here’s some additional background on the story.

 (Columbus Dispatch) – A driver who was shot and killed early yesterday by a Westerville police officer was holding a gun as the officer approached his car during a traffic stop, police said.

The driver, identified as John W. Montgomery, 59, died at 2:03 a.m. in Mount Carmel St. Ann’s hospital. Police provided no address for Montgomery, though records show him recently living on the East Side of Columbus and that he had served a lengthy prison term.

State records show that Montgomery served 18 years for voluntary manslaughter and drug crimes. He was released in 2000. Details of those offenses weren’t available late last night.



11 thoughts on “WHAT STOPS A BAD GUY WITH A GUN? Convicted killer points gun at cop, gets perforated”
  1. All those shots in a confined space, the passenger’s ears are going to be ringing for the next three days.

  2. Good shoot! Good fire control, good accuracy, good use of cover.
    Great tactics in taking cover and containing until backup arrived. A fair gunfight is one I do not ever want to be in – you want to have friends carrying rifles as often as the situation arises.

  3. Wait! How can a drug dealing killer get a handgun. That should be illegal. We need to do something. We need laws against that sort of thing. Did the cops have to kill him? They only gave him eight warnings? I think at least fifty warnings before the cops can shoot.

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