You thought you had it bad in Illinois?


What’s the above gun worth?

Well, Chris Christie’s New Jersey wants ten years in prison from a 72-year-old retired teacher of 34-years.  Why?  Because the man had the audacity to buy a 300-year-old flintlock pistol to go with his collection of 17th Century history.

What’s even better?

The local prosecutors say they will conduct ballistic tests on the pistol.

Because, you know, it might have been used in a string of 7-11 robberies, right?  You just never know.

This isn’t about crime control.  This is about intimidating law-abiding citizens to forgo their Constitutional rights.  This is about tyrannical, Democrat-controlled government run amok.

Hello Chris Christie:  You wanna be president?  Here’s YET ANOTHER case you need to intercede with where local prosecutors apparently have no bad guys to prosecute besides retired teachers who collect relics.

Here’s a link to the story from if you need to raise your blood pressure further.


6 thoughts on “IRRATIONAL: 10 year sentence for 300-year-old flintlock pistol”
  1. Why do I have a bad feeling when they try the ballistics test, they won’t know what their doing and blow the museum piece up? Plus isn’t that a smooth bore gun?

    1. Yup and Yup. I bet the crime stoppers in Chi-town are watching closely for some helpful tips too…

  2. It sounds all tough on crime in a state where the low-information types who voted for those people in charge don’t have an effin’ clue.


  3. Another example of liberty and freedom stealing liberal democrats. Evolution can’t idoit proof STUPID.

  4. Ballistic tests will show that the gun was used in a ride-by shooting outside of a public house in Trenton in 1789. Hope he has an alibi.

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