So, by now you’ve surely heard that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and really big parties has publicized its intention to eliminate the exemption of M-855 and SS-109 ammunition from the ban on “armor piercing” ammunition.  This would leave these steel-cored rounds unlawful to import, manufacture or sell.

How about that?

First, the BATFE (and really big parties) reversed itself last month on the Sig Support Brace, ruling that misuse of the brace is now a federal crime, in direct opposition to multiple determinations earlier in 2014 that said misuse doesn’t change the fundamental purpose of the design.

And now we have this reversal.

Can you say “Barack Hussein Obama pulling the levers behind the scene“?

We thought so.

The irony here?

US troops have long griped (to put it nicely) about the ineffectiveness of M855 rounds against bad guys.  The rounds poke ice-pick like holes in the bad guys, failing to stop them.

The most common type of ammunition, besides the M855-style loads, is the 55gr. M-193-style full metal jacket.  The M193 is more deadly than the so-to-be-banned M855 bullets.  They yaw, fragment and in general create havoc the M855 rounds don’t.

Then there are the ballistic tip rounds and the open-tip match rounds that will become more common to fill the void left by the banned loads.  These are even more effective against human targets than the M-193 loadings.

If the goal of the BATFE is to make the world a safer place, banning rounds that merely poke tiny little holes in their targets instead of more devastating wounds is exactly 180 degrees of what they should be doing.

This isn’t about making the world a safer place.

This is about the Obama administration making the world a more expensive place for shooters.

The good news?  You have until March 16, 2015 to contact the BATFE about this intrusive, counterproductive proposal.



5 thoughts on “ATF’s M855/SS109 ban makes the world a more dangerous place”
  1. The ATF’s argument is flawed. They contend that the 855 round is not consistent with a sporting purpose. The fact is that the right to keep and bear arms isn’t about hunting or “putting holes in paper”. It is about self defense and freedom. We face the same bad guys that the government faces.

    This tactic is classic Obama – set up a strawman argument to distract everyone from the real issue.

    Armor piercing ammunition has a very specific definition in the US code (18 U.S. Code § 921). They are proposing to ignore that definition.

    Sadly, this is not new ground for ATF – they have a long and troubling history of ignoring the law (and killing innocent people in the process).

  2. “really big parties”? Did somebody get their panties in a bunch when you previously used the more accurate description “really big fires”?

    This has nothing to do with “safety”. That whole organization has never been about stopping actual criminals (in fact they go out of their way to arm them! See: Fast & Furious, Gunwalker, etc.) Their mission statement is pursuing otherwise law abiding citizens, entrapping them in technical violations of bad laws, and moving toward the end game of complete civilian disarmament.

    Contact them, tell them FTS re: this M855 ban, and then enjoy some lunchtime reading …

  3. Barack Obama is behind this. I have no doubt.

    I also have no doubt that he’s not an American, but that he is a Muslim. I also have no doubt that he still smokes – a lot. And left-handed cigarettes, too, if you know what I mean.


  4. How many sports can I participate in for “…the security of a free State…”? How many deer can I kill to maintain the security of a free State? How many paper targets do I need to shoot for the security of a free State?

    The correct answer to all of these question is ZERO!

    The ONLY thing that ARMS are supposed to be for is THE VALID THREAT OF LETHAL FORCE!

  5. Be sure to send comments to the email address above, and to let your US Rep. and Senators know about this s***.

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