So, I’m opening the mail from the last couple of days tonight and look what I found.

A thank you card from Darren Wilson.  There was no return address, but it was postmarked St. Louis.

You’re very welcome, Mr. Wilson.

All the best to you, sir.




8 thoughts on “YOU’RE WELCOME: Darren Wilson sends his thanks”
  1. It’s a shame that a cop who is attacked in his patrol car and then charged like a bull by this thug is chastised for doing his job and defending his life. I thank God we still have upstanding protectors like Officer Wilson willing to put their lives on the line so we may live in a country that prohibits dangerous crime. Why do you think that the ACLU is fighting against policemen having body cameras? If there is nothing to hide then what’s the problem? Just so happens, thankfully, there were witnesses that verified the TRUTH that race-baiters wanted to hide.

  2. A classy move by what must be a classy man.

    Looks as though Darren Wilson isn’t the fork-tongued, horned monster some in the mainstream media made him out to be.

    I’d welcome him as my neighbor.


  3. I pray Mr Wilson will be able to move on. He did the right thing and it’s terrible he became the object of question. God Bless!

  4. I agree with Sam on the classy part. Not every day you receive a hand written thank you note from someone. Just shows how far reaching GSL is and that the news is getting out. We can only hope to grow from here.

    If you are not a member but a regular on here, maybe think about becoming a member. If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, do so now. $30 will get you GunNews sent to your home and a membership in one of the fastest growing pro-gun/2A groups out there.

    Mr. Wilson,
    If you are reading this, Thank you! Nothing but the best wishes for you and your family. No one but you will know how hard it is to carry the burden of doing your job. We appreciate you and your service.


  5. Darren Wilson was the victim in that, not a murderer.

    I wish I had neighbors like Darren Wilson.

    I too wish him the best. By the way, Darren, if you’re reading: I bet GSL would love you as a speaker if you’re up for it. Talk to John. You’ve probably got his number.

  6. Mr. Wilson , you did what you had to do . I know this and I pray for peace in your heart as you work through this terrible experience .

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