Twain Thomas.

The February 2014 rampage by a whackadoo named Twain Thomas in an apartment house in Pocatello, ID, was caught on tape and that tape was released to the public in recent days.  Thomas, terrorizing his neighbors last February, picked the wrong apartment to victimize when he arrived at the door of James Cvengros and his girlfriend.

Thomas had kicked a hole in Cvengros’ front door once before when complaining about noise.  Mr. Cvengros and his girlfriend were non-gun owners at the time and that incident, coupled with additional threats from the unstable Thomas, caused them to reconsider the lifesaving benefits of firearms ownership.  Their decision to purchase a 9mm handgun likely saved their lives in the incident last February.

The video of the incident was released publicly and showed Thomas kicking his way through the hollow-core front door of the apartment as Mr. Cvengros orders him not to come in and warns that he is armed.  It was truly something out of a movie – in fact many call it eerily like “The Shining”.   Thomas continued to force entry and was shot three times before he ceased his advance with a machete.  Before police arrived, Thomas admitted he was there to kill the couple.

Story first and then the video.  Caution, the video is graphic.

From the Idaho State Journal:

…Sitting in the living room where the violent intrusion and the shooting took place, Cvengros said he has no doubt that had he not used deadly force to stop Thomas, who forced his way through his door and entered wielding a large machete, he and his girlfriend, Kaila Gearhart, would have been killed.

     In fact, after he was shot, and as Cvengros trained his 9mm weapon on the suspect and waited for police to arrive, Thomas admitted that it was his intention to kill him.

    Cvengros said he was surprised that Thomas kept coming at him after being shot twice.

    “He didn’t stop until the third shot,” Cvengros said. “Then he went down.”

    The incident last February was not the first encounter between Cvengros and Thomas. Previously, Thomas kicked his door in because he said Cvengros was playing his music too loud.

    The couple called the police after that incident, and Thomas was cited for unlawful entry. Thomas, a military veteran, threatened both Cvengros and Gearhart on multiple occasions, and that was the reason Cvengros initially considered buying a weapon.

    “I decided that it was my responsibility to protect myself and my girlfriend,” Cvengros said.

Interestingly, Mr. Cvengros told the newspaper that his mother was “absolutely anti-gun” before the incident.  Not any more.

Isn’t it something how reality has a way of cutting through years of prejudices against guns and make-believe to change people’s thinking on the benefits of firearm ownership.


5 thoughts on ““I DID THE RIGHT THING”: Gruesome home invasion shooting caught on tape”
  1. The attacker is obviously insane, just looking at his picture tells you that. it’s sad to see anyone that out of it, especially a veteran. this is a stern reminder that we have people walking around that would commit brutal murders for little to no reason at all. they may be insane, whacked out on drugs, or just a violent animal that gets a kick out of harming others. the bottom line is simple…ALWAYS BE READY AND ARMED. I’d love to hear the liberal filth explain how gun ownership doesn’t work after watching this.

  2. WOW! I remember several years ago when the anti-gunners told people to lock themselves in a bed room or bathroom and wait for police. I wish every could see this video
    That guy went through that door like it was cardboard.
    The only reason that couple is alive today is because of an “assessable” gun in the home that could fire more than 1 round at a time. (don’t forget that part)

  3. “I decided that it was my responsibility to protect myself and my girlfriend,” Cvengros said.

    No kidding! A famous quote from Ayn Rand comes to mind:
    “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

    Arm up, get trained. You never know when you’ll have to defend yourself and those you love. It IS your responsibility.

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