We at Guns Save Life like to bring you real-life stories that come with lessons and a moral or two behind them.  Life is a learning process and it’s always nice to learn new things, especially when it’s entertaining at the same time!

Today we bring you a delightful story,  a byproduct of the left’s war on guns and gun owners, the mainstream media’s anti-gun hysteria, and an ample helping of stupidity from a would-be hero who hates guns.

It adds up to a great story.

We’d like to introduce you to Michael Foster, would-be hero of the left.

Michael Foster

You can probably tell by the photo that this story didn’t end well for Michael.

Actually, it ended very well for Michael, but more on that in a moment.

Gun hater Michael Foster is a guy who shouldn’t own guns, not that his bigotry would have allowed it before now.  In fact, he probably shouldn’t even have butter knives in his home.

He shouldn’t be issued a concealed carry license, not that he will be eligible for one after this.

What happened?  He caught a glimpse of a gun in a holster under the jacket of a man at his local Walmart in Florida.  Seeing the gun, Michael Foster decided he needed to take action!

Michael Foster was going to swoop in and save the world from another mass killing.

Michael Foster didn’t call police or notify store management that he noticed a man carrying a gun.  No, instead, he walked up behind the concealed carry licensee and jumped him, putting him into a choke-hold and taking him to the floor.

It gets better.  He then tried to disarm the concealed carry licensee.

Michael Foster is probably the luckiest anti-gun guy in all of Florida.  The anti-gun village almost lost an idiot.  I would have shot him rapidly and promiscuously unless he got very meek and mild pretty darn quick.

In Foster’s case, police showed up and put Foster into cuffs.

The licensee?   He went on his way.

(Tampa Bay Online) – A man was arrested after he attacked a man who had a handgun in a holster and a concealed weapons permit as he walked around a Brandon Walmart on Tuesday morning, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said.

Michael Foster was charged with battery for attacking another customer, Clarence Daniels, at Walmart, 11110 Causeway Blvd, Brandon.

Just before noon Tuesday, Foster, 43, of Lithia, saw Daniels in the Walmart parking lot in possession of a handgun that was in a holster and under his coat, the sheriff’s office said.

Foster followed Daniels in the parking lot and into the store. While in the store, Foster attacked Daniels, 62, of Seffner, the sheriff’s office said.


You see all sorts of whacky comments written on the Facebook posts over at Moms Demand Action (go to a singles bar, girls) and the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership, er Violence.  Here are a few gems, since scrubbed, from this post at the frisky moms’ Facebook, courtesy of Jan Morgan Media:



So, we should not have been terribly surprised that sooner or later a fan of Shannon Watts – aka Shannon Troughton, President and owner of of VoxPop Public Relations, a boutique liberal PR firm – would do something really stupid in the real world.

Nice Job, Michael Foster.  You did something really stupid.

How much are you paying for that, Michael?


Now we have to ask if race was a factor in Mr. Foster’s reckless conduct.

The victim of the attack:

11 thoughts on “FELONY STUPID: Anti-gunner attacks concealed carry licensee inside Walmart; goes to jail UPDATE: Was race a factor?”
  1. Tough guy attacking a 62 yr old man. Lucky for him that the CCL holder didnt perforate him. I can only hope that the lawsuits filed against him start soon!

  2. Amen to that. They’re training cops to sue people who attack them now, just so they have a judgement in case the bad guys win the lottery, write a book or somehow come into some money.

    I think the same advice should go for CCWers as well. Sue Mr. Foster, so when his quirky relative – who happens to be the CEO of some Fortune 500 company – kicks the bucket and leaves him a bucket of cash, the CCWer gets it and not Michael.


  3. It sounds like Mr McDaniels did just fine in fighting off Mr Foster.

    If there is anyone out there who isn’t sure how to stop an attempt to take your personal defense tool, then consider taking GSL Defense’s Intermediate Pistol class, which covers many useful very useful topics, including how to deal with a bad guy trying to steal your gun.

  4. Jesus. Some people are a special kind of stupid. What if that had been an off duty cop?

    And yes, I would shoot anyone attempting to disarm me.

  5. The goes to show what nut cases the anti’s are, and cowards as well sneaking up on a guy and jumping him from behind. hopefully the criminal attacker gets a felony and some jail time out of this. not only do we have to watch out criminals but violent freedom haters as well. thank God this A hole didn’t get the gun away from the victim.

  6. Where did you get the Idea this guy was anti-gun?
    Red State Got it wrong too (Typical Moochers)
    Occam,s Razor: He isn’t anti-Gun, it’s Florida and this guy is Conservative, who saw a non-white with a gun, simple.

    1. Where did you get the idea that he was anti-gun or liberal? I didn’t see any of that mentioned in any reliable news source, only here.

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