The folks at the Illinois State Police have released their official 2014 report on the new concealed carry law in Illinois.

The full report can be downloaded from the Illinois State Police here.

I was asked in an interview how I thought the process was working and told the reporter, “it’s far more cumbersome than it needs to be”.

When he asked about how I thought concealed carry license holders were behaving, I laughed.  “As far as I know in Illinois, more former governors have been sentenced to prison than former concealed carry licensees.”

He didn’t have a lot to say to that.

Highlights of the report:

91651 licenses have been issued.

2359 applications have been denied.  (Not sure if this counts law enforcement objections over-ruled.)

175 licenses have been revoked.  (0.190% – if only our governors were so law-abiding!)

Now that the applicant rush has died down, ISP is getting about 4,000-5,000 applications each month.


6 thoughts on “ILLINOIS STATE POLICE: Concealed Carry Stats for 2014”
  1. Thanks to and you John Boch for all that you have done to promote conceal carry in Illinois. I am quite sure that Illinois would be several steps behind where it is now if it were not for all the hard would GSL has done.

    Also, thanks for all the interesting gun news on this blog. It is a daily read for me. I look forward to it every day.

  2. I agree with the comment about the denied applications, I am curious about if that includes the overruled ones, and if so, how many?
    Additionally, I wonder how many of the revoked licenses were people that took a CCW class from a instructor that was cutting corners and got the instructors license pulled, effectively making any students of theirs void.

  3. I am left with many questions too. I would like to see demographic data on issued, objected and denials. I would like to see a breakdown on what departments objected and how many…

    Like the guy above, thank you Mr. Boch for your tireless work.
    Glad you are on our side!

  4. Let’s go to IGOLD on March 18 and show our new governor that we’re wanting to improve our CC laws.

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