There’s an old expression that it’s better to be thought to be a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

This is the case with the Decatur, IL police chief who said the possibility of “the Wild West” unfolding on his city’s streets crossed his mind when Illinois began to issue licenses last year.  He was quoted in a Pantagraph story:

Decatur Police Chief Brad Sweeney said he didn’t really know what to expect when concealed carry became law in Illinois last year. While he and his officers hoped it would not cause any problems, the thought of the city turning into a “wild, wild west” of gun violence did cross his mind.

“It’s been such a nonevent,” Sweeney said. “We were worried these firearms may start to turn up in cases, but I could not find any report of an incident all of last year.”

So, Brad thought there might be regular shoot-outs featuring concealed carry licensees on Decatur streets, kind of like the “Wild, Wild West”?  Boy was he in for a surprise.  At least he acknowledged that not a single CCW firearm turned up in any police reports last year.

So much for violence in the dusty street outside that town’s saloons.

Brad, here’s a hint:  There have been more former Illinois governors sentenced to prison than former concealed carry license holders.

Decatur’s top cop’s silly statement was trumped in comments by a glittering gem of colossal mental infirmity from a bed-wetting gun-hater:

Sy Abelman – January 18, 2015 9:16 am
How often does one need a firearm for defense? How many bank robberies have been stopped? If you are accousted, it is probably too late to pull out your pistola anyway. Aren’t you better off, if your intention is to stay alive, to de escalate the situation? A gun only exacerbates and inflames the situation. You are a coward if you think you need a gun. Be a man.


But never fear.  Another commenter, Joe Biden’s Toupee hit that pathetic goober out of the park.

Joe Biden’s Toupee – January 18, 2015 9:44 am
Q: “How often does one need a firearm for defense?”
A: The same as how often you keep a fire extinguisher in your home for fire protection: all the time.

Q: “How many bank robberies have been stopped?”
A: Zero, because the money in the bank is insured and I’m not stepping in to stop any robbery of insured property unless lives are at risk.

QUOTE: “If you are accousted, it is probably too late to pull out your pistola anyway.”
REPLY: You’re making judgments about situations that you know nothing about. Quit substituting your own flawed advice for letting other people make a judgement about what is best for their own lives.

Q: “Aren’t you better off, if your intention is to stay alive, to de escalate the situation?”
A: The best way to de-escalate a situation where there is risk to your life is to quickly stop the threat against you. A firearm is often the quickest, safest, best way to stop such a threat.

QUOTE: “A gun only exacerbates and inflames the situation.”
REPLY: That’s an opinion statement that 100% incorrect. A firearm very quickly de-escalates most situations.

QUOTE: “You are a coward if you think you need a gun”
REPLY: Or maybe you are someone who knows your limitations. Maybe someone who is disabled in some manner, or not in peak physical condition due to age or injuries. In those situations you might just be someone who needs a firearm to prevent stronger people from taking advantage of your situation.

QUOTE: “Be a man.”
REPLY: Wow, that’s pretty sexist. Do you say that to women who are getting Concealed Carry Licenses?


11 thoughts on “IL CCW LICENSES: Decatur, IL police chief actually considered possibility of “Wild, Wild West””
  1. I wish the thumb sucking liberal would expand on de escalating the situation if lets say…. some maniac attacks a woman with plans of brutally murdering her after raping her. I want this idiot to enlighten us all on how being unarmed will help. f*****’ idiot.

  2. To Decatur Police Chief Brad Sweeney I say, step down from your position. We don’t want you in that position if this is how much you distrust the law abiding citizens of Decatur. You knew ahead of time that anyone applying for a CCW permit in Decatur would be well vetted by the Illinois State Police, perhaps as well as you, Chief Sweeney. Where else in the nation has a Wild West scenario occurred because citizens were allowed to lawfully carry weapons? Nowhere that I know of. You are just ignorant and probably of the mindset that only cops should carry guns. If a Wild West situation occurs in the streets of Decatur, it may vary will be due to one of your rogue officers, or you, not a CCW permit holder.

    1. I am from the Decatur area and it is already the wild west except just the bad guys have the guns. Chief you need to worry about gangsters before ccw.

  3. This is the mindset of most any cop
    I’ve talked to. That’s not gonna change anytime soon either. Once a couple of c c people come to the rescue of a cop in trouble, they might begin to trust us.. I think I’ve been around guns about as long as any cop out there , and with the training and range time I’ve had as much as they’ve had . Maybe more I had 16 weeks of infantry basic that was shooting something almost every day..

  4. Let’s cut the chief some slack. I mean, it’s not like CCW has ever been tried before. Who could predict the future?

    Wait? You mean *ALL* 49 other states had it before us, and no “Blood in the Streets” ensued? IL was the last state in the union to recognize the right of armed self defense?

    Total. Moron.

    (At best, he’s a moron. More likely a statist thug who knew better …)

  5. Well, at least he didn’t threaten to have his officers shoot CCW holders like Chicago’s “top cop” did. These guys all operate from the same play book. But hey, look at it from their perspective, without victims, all they would be is tacticool meter maids!

  6. My observation (in Wisconsin is that most of the police officers are not against CC. But remember, a Chief is usually an appointed position, appointed by the mayor. So if the mayor is anti-gun and makes a statement or takes a position against guns, the Chief has to make a choice: echo the mayor’s opinion or speak his own mind and risk his job.

  7. at least he admitted he was wrong… there are still wingnuts out there who don’t admit it.

  8. Decatur didn’t get its nickname “Little Chicago” because of the good,law-abiding citizens residing there. Decatur is notorious for its thugs. Several years ago, a famous Jackson (not Michael or Tito) showed up to stir up civil disobedience when “yewts” at a high school football game got out of hand in the stands. Seems the local “yewts” of rival gangs weren’t showing enough school (I mean gang) spirit and it was caught on video and they were expelled. Guess Mr. Jackson had a sudden epiphany that his rainbow colors weren’t going to help the gang banger’s wardrobe as he was being handcuffed. Needless to say, he got out of town real quick after being arrested for crossing the police line and posting bail.

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