The gun-hating leftists out there hate Chris Kyle.


He is a highly-decorated heroic American serviceman that went out of his way to protect and serve fellow American servicemen and women.  A gun is his tool and he uses it for good and to defeat people with evil in their hearts.  He is the anathema of what gun control advocates hold dear.

Before his tragic death, he wrote the book American Sniper, which became a best-seller, and it has since been made into a production for the big screen under the care and direction of Clint Eastwood.

Hence, America’s gun haters hate American Sniper the movie.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has been catching some heat about providing a forum for those who hate Chris Kyle.

From the Washington Examiner:

Anti-gun group’s Facebook mocks slain ‘American Sniper’ hero

…The Washington-based Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has given critics of the upcoming movie a Facebook outlet to rant about the subject of the movie, sniper Chris Kyle, killed after the leaving the military and while he was at a gun range with a vet suffering from PTSD.

“Good Riddance,” wrote one. “What goes around comes around,” sneered another.

FoxNews also picked up the story from the Examiner and it’s been getting a fair amount of press.

Supporters of doubled down on the vile acrimony, and CSGV has allowed their hate-filled screeds to remain unchecked in a CSGV Facebook rebuttal to the Washington Examiner story.   We bring some to you now.

We left the Facebook names and links to the posters in this post for a reason.  Let them feel the heat for their hateful bigotry.

Caroline Marie I will keep on trashing that bastard.  He was a MURDERER.

Matthew Scott Szerzinski  Kyle was a bigot and a liar who happened to be a good shot.

Daniel J. Webster Jr “Live by the gun, die by the gun” from this former Navy Officer who trained with Seals and was stationed in Coronado where they train

Dawn Henke Not a hero. Brags about how much he enjoyed indiscriminately killing people. No sympathy from this army veteran.

Bianca Bangor Not by any means a hero.

Chris Steele Soulless?

Valerie Martin soulless, heartless, and brainless!

Howard Gold In his book, Chris Kyle said that he burglarized homes after killing a “bad guy”. This is not the act of a hero.

Judith Squires Here’s the thing: this man lived by the gun, even if he was doing at as a military duty and died by the gun.

Richard M. Ponce I’m a Navy Vet. And this guy is a disgrace to the uniform I wore. Politics has nothing to do with it.

Matthew Scott Szerzinski Apparently all you need to do to be a hero in some people’s estimation is shoot foreigners. I’m sure Kyle did things that helped save fellow service members lives. I’m also sure he was a sociopath and a liar.

Samuel FN Hall The face of a dead asshole…

Robby Clewley Idolizing a murderer .. That’s real good America

Scott Sproat i can second the above comment-what goes around-comes around. its called karma.

Mark James Hankins Chris Kyle USN ~ karma

Shelley Farrell what a trailer of horse shit.

Daniel Coates First thing to know is that the man was a LIAR and fabricator of stories to enhance his abilities and skills, ie, machoism/reputation. That was proven in a court of LAW. Then, he made his reputation shooting women, old men and women and children from hidden positions in cities we blew up and invaded, without any supervision per se. “it’s you’re call”, ie. do what you want, we will cover your ass! All the while being protected by a squad of Marines!

Lori Fondren Bridge Mr. Kyle was a liar

John Girgus Eh, fuck this guy.,

Mari Tatlow Steed Of all the things with which to create a hornet’s nest of lies, using Chris Kyle/’American Sniper’ ranks as the worst. Whatever about his military record: Kyle is a sad indictment of the need for better gun-control. And for less lying. Irony at its best.

Michael Bailey Psycho.. The only good thing about this guy is the happy ending.

These are the people who would see you, me and everyone else in America disarmed in an effort to recreate past tyrannies.  These people are control freaks, bigots and historically illiterate.  They hate you exercising your God-given rights.


The movie

The movie features a powerful performance by Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle.  Mr. Kyle, sadly, was killed by a fellow serviceman whom Kyle was trying to help overcome his PTSD issues.

The funeral of Chris Kyle was held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Monday, February 11, 2013. Kyle was a highly decorated former Navy SEAL sniper who was shot and killed at a shooting range last week. (Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT)

His funeral was held at Cowboys Stadium and televised nation-wide in 2013.

The movie has been nominated for a slew of awards and is in theaters Friday, January 16th.

Go see it.

It will be an emotional experience.

Don’t let his memory fade.






12 thoughts on “AMERICAN SNIPER: Anti-gunners hate it; go see it”
  1. “We sleep peacefully in our beds at night because rough men stand ready to do dark deeds on our behalf”

    1. Right, because if Chris Kyle hadn’t been killing people on the other side of the ocean, I wouldn’t possibly be able to sleep soundly at night. Those Iraqis might have crossed the ocean and gotten me! /sarcasm

      I’m not saying the Iraqi insurgents were all saints. Some of them (though certainly not all) did some terrible things to each other and to civilians. Nevertheless, when you invade a country that has never attacked or posed a threat to your own land, you have no business complaining when those people shoot back at you.

      Some have claimed that we were there to “liberate” the Iraqis from Saddam. Horseshit! Saddam was put into power and kept there with the direct aid of the US government. He was a US ally in the 80s, and we turned a blind eye when he gassed the Kurds. The US government only turned on Saddam when he ceased being an obedient puppet and threatened to start trading oil in currency other than the dollar. He also pissed off the “Israel first” fifth column in the US government.

  2. How smart is it to publicly besmirch the name and reputation of a highly decorated American serviceman?

    Not very smart.

    Not very smart at all.

    I invite these kooks to trash talk him at their local American Legion hall.

    1. Sure, because everyone knows that getting beaten up for the words you say proves that what you said was inaccurate. /sarcasm

      Chris Kyle WAS a proven liar. He WAS a psychopath who had no regrets about killing people whose only “crime” was defending their land against armed invaders. Last but not least, he was a hypocrite for daring to call himself a “Christian” when his worldview had much more in common with Nazism than anything the Prince of Peace taught. No amount of violence against anyone can erase these stubborn facts.

  3. The missus and I agree. After seeing American Sniper on Friday, it’s a great film every red-blooded American should see.

    Supporters of Barack Obama should keep their heads firmly stuck up their asses (or in the sand).

    Powerful. Emotional. I haven’t felt like this since I saw Saving Private Ryan on the big screen. And this movie had none of the liberal poppycock that SPR had.

    Lots of dust at the end. Lots of dust.

    Nobody said a freaking word at the end, and nobody was in a hurry to get up. The mood was as somber as a funeral visitation.

    GO SEE IT!

  4. These comments from people who just flat out dont understand make me so angry. Keep your mouth shut until you are willing to do what it takes to keep us safe and free.

    1. Chris Kyle did NOTHING to keep us free, and he did less than nothing to keep us safe.

      No one in Iraq ever had a chance in hell of imposing laws on us here in the US. Therefore, no one in Iraq was, or ever has been, a threat to our freedom.

      You know who is taking away our freedom? US politicians and their enforcers. For example, it isn’t Iraqis who went around after Hurricane Katrina confiscating people’s guns. It was the US police and the National Guard (“our” troops). The US military has an unbroken history of turning its weapons on American citizens when ordered to do so. I’ve mentioned Katrina, and there was also the Bonus Army, Kent State, Waco, etc.

      The notion that Chris Kyle was “keeping us safe” is also retarded. Iraq never posed any military threat to the US. None. ZERO. If anything, Kyle was making us LESS safe. Probably nothing incites the desire in foreigners to sneak into the US and commit terrorist attacks more than “our” government’s aggression against them in their own countries.

  5. Took my sister and our kids to see this movie–loved it. Then we had a little orgy. Nothing better than inbred sex after watching mass murderers. I know all you guys here know what I mean. Heh heh heh.

  6. What makes you think that only anti-gunners hate this movie? I’m a hardcore supporter of the Second Amendment who owns many guns (my Bravo Company midlength is a favorite). I refuse to see a propaganda movie (probably sponsored by the Pentagon) that glorifies a proven liar and obvious psychopath, and that tells lies of its own. More broadly, “American Sniper” attempts to justify a foreign policy that parallels that of the Nazis: We have the right to invade and occupy anyone who disobeys our government, and if they resist, they’re “evildoers” who deserve to be destroyed. No doubt the Nazis who invaded Poland thought that any Poles who resisted were “evildoers” and “savages,” just like the Iraqis in Chris Kyle’s puny, brainwashed mind.

    Being a supporter of the Second Amendment, I understand what this right is about. In the modern age, it’s about protecting ourselves from people like Chris Kyle — people who mindlessly take orders from the “elites” in government and act as attack dogs against those who prefer to die on their feet rather than live on their knees. Rest assured, the US government HATES your freedom. That’s why we have the NSA, ATF, DEA, FBI, Fatherland…er, “Homeland” Security, and all the rest. When this government finally decides to put the final nail in the coffin of freedom and take your guns from you, it will be people like Chris Kyle who will be called upon to do the deed — and most WILL obey, just as the military has turned its weapons on Americans so many times in the past. (Read up on the Bonus Army, for example, or gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina. Or read about how Delta Force “defended freedom” at Waco.)

    WAKE UP.

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