Papa John’s recent announcement standing behind a robbed delivery driver who used her gun to save her life seems to be bucking the trend of pizza joints who fire their delivery drivers when they use their lawfully owned and carried firearms to defend their lives from violent armed robbers.

A female driver was accosted by two black males in Decatur, GA in recent days and shot one violent member of America’s criminal class in the face for his troubles, while the second street thug stole her car and drove off.

(Atlanta Journal-Constitution) – When a woman delivering pizzas in DeKalb County was ordered to the ground by a man with a gun, she fired back. Armed with her own gun, she shot the man Sunday night, according to police.

The employee of a Columbia Drive Papa John’s wasn’t injured, her mother told Channel 2 Action News. But the woman is worried the incident could get her fired because she carried her gun for protection.

An outpouring of public support for the driver and her use of her firearm to lawfully defend herself may have had something to do with Papa John’s decision.  In any event, it’s the first time in memory a pizza shop employee hasn’t been fired for shooting back and armed thugs.

Decatur, GA (FoxNews) – Papa John’s Pizza is standing by a pizza delivery woman who opened fire Sunday on an armed robber in an act of self defense.

The pizza franchise told Thursday the employee, who hasn’t been named, will not be fired from the company.

The employee was making a delivery in Decatur, Ga., Sunday night when a man approached her vehicle, forcing her onto the ground at gunpoint, according to the DeKalb County Police Department. The woman, who had a gun in her pocket, was able to fire at the man while on the ground — striking the alleged assailant, identified as 24-year-old Donquaz Stevenson, in the face.

Stevenson was later found in a neighbor’s yard and arrested, according to police, who said the pizza delivery might have been a setup. Local media outlets reported that a second suspect carjacked the delivery woman’s silver 2000 Honda Accord and remains on the run.

6 thoughts on “ATTABOY: Papa John’s stands by armed deliver driver who thwarted armed robbery”
  1. If word gets out that Papa John’s drivers are armed then this type of delivery would be a thing of the past for this company. Furthermore, I know a defensive training organization that could help this young lady and other brave, gainfully employed citizens improve their technique of safe, effective gun handling and accurate aim. What do you think, GSL Defense Training, of this target group?

    1. GSL Defense Training doesn’t advertise it, but we do offer free or discounted tuition, and/or ammunition for charity-type training cases.

      They usually involve individuals or families facing an identifiable, imminent threat.

      One of those charity cases was an elderly man, disabled by age and strokes, who used his new affordable pistol to dissuade a drunken room-mate from skewering him with a Ka-bar knife.

      He had taken the man in as a favor to his church’s pastor. Obviously that didn’t work out so well, and the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office was happy to provide the room-mate a room at the gray-bar inn.

      The pastor paid for new locks and hauled the room-mate’s personal effects away.

      If anyone has a real, imminent threat and doesn’t have the financial resources to pay for training costs on their own, they should contact any one of our GSL Defense Training team of instructors.

      Cases are evaluated individually on their own merits and circumstances.


  2. I think their pizza tastes so-so at best, but knowing this, I’m more likely to dial Papa John’s than Domino’s or Pizza Hut (also home to mediocre pies) in the future as those companies have a reputation for not standing behind their employees.

  3. Papa John’s thin crust, Chicago cut isn’t bad; better than their thick slab o’ dough pizza with minimal toppings. Good on ’em, though, for their wise judgement.

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