Thanks for helping make American Sniper a box office record setter Friday.

( – UPDATE, 8AM Saturday: Warner Bros. is reporting Friday at $30.5M for American Sniper – not only a January opening day record, but more than any Clint Eastwood film has ever made in a weekend.

I saw it Friday.  The movie is destined to be a classic.  Well done, with great acting and unrelenting action.  It shows the ugliness of war and what it does both to the bad guys and the good guys.

It’s dirty, gripping and it will shake you.

It’s a story of tremendous courage, patriotism, camaraderie and looking out for others who can’t protect themselves.   It’s a must-see film in a world where “must see” is vastly overused.  Take your kids and grandkids.  In a world where the mainstream entertainment industry worships dirtbags like Justin Beiber and Snoop Dog, go show them what a real role model looks like.  Chris Kyle drips morality, ethics, confidence and patriotism.  He’s a worthy role model we can all aspire to become.

As we wrote a couple of days ago, the movie celebrates American greatness and the selfless sacrifice of our servicemen and women in the fight against Muslims waging war on civilization as we know it.  It features the story of a highly decorated American hero using his gun to save American lives.

Because of that, it’s a story and movie gun-hating liberals will hate with a bitter, rancid fury.  

How deep is their rancid fury about this highly-decorated American hero who gave his life to help fellow Americans?  Like this:

Caroline Marie I will keep on trashing that bastard.  He was a MURDERER.

Daniel J. Webster Jr “Live by the gun, die by the gun” from this former Navy Officer who trained with Seals and was stationed in Coronado where they train

Valerie Martinsoulless, heartless, and brainless!Richard M. Ponce I’m a Navy Vet. And this guy is a disgrace to the uniform I wore. Politics has nothing to do with it.

Matthew Scott Szerzinski Apparently all you need to do to be a hero in some people’s estimation is shoot foreigners. I’m sure Kyle did things that helped save fellow service members lives. I’m also sure he was a sociopath and a liar.

Samuel FN Hall The face of a dead asshole…

Robby Clewley Idolizing a murderer .. That’s real good America

Scott Sproat i can second the above comment-what goes around-comes around. its called karma.

Mark James Hankins Chris Kyle USN ~ karma

Shelley Farrell what a trailer of horse shit.

Daniel Coates First thing to know is that the man was a LIAR and fabricator of stories to enhance his abilities and skills, ie, machoism/reputation. That was proven in a court of LAW. Then, he made his reputation shooting women, old men and women and children from hidden positions in cities we blew up and invaded, without any supervision per se. “it’s you’re call”, ie. do what you want, we will cover your ass! All the while being protected by a squad of Marines!

John Girgus Eh, fuck this guy.,

Michael Bailey Psycho.. The only good thing about this guy is the happy ending.

These people must live pretty sad, miserable lives to trash a hero to feel better about themselves.






6 thoughts on “AWESOME SAUCE: Thanks for helping make American Sniper a record-breaker”
  1. I only hope the rancid rabid liberals are actively using the free birth control with Obamamacare provides. That could keep the gene pool safe for others.

  2. It’s a powerful, moving film about a worthy hero.
    I’m truly saddened by those who neither appreciate nor deserve the freedom they’ve had handed to them. Freedom isn’t free.

    It’s up to each of us to choose whether to be a sheep or a sheepdog.

  3. Movies about serial killers always get my rocks off. Love to be in a theater full of men jacking off to serial killers.

    1. Ah, another anti w/ an obsession over other people’s genitalia. It’s a Malarky Monday on Sunday.

  4. I too saw this movie on Friday. It is a wonderful movie and the experience was different. Never in my life have I been to a movie where the entire audience stayed through the credits and then got up silently and left. There were barely words spoken by anyone as they left. Quiet “excuse me(s)” and “go aheads” were maybe said as those filed out of their seats. I thinik this was a testament not only to the movie but to Chris Kyle’s legacy. Those that want to call him a killer or anything else of that nature are just wrong. He was protecting so many lives. I’m betting no one can actually put a number to lives he saved and we know that overwhelming outshadows the number of lives he took.

    I usually don’t respond to the idiotic posts on here, but Joe Rightwinger, the theatre I went to was full of couples, families, and men and women of all ages. Most of them in tears as they left due to the impact of this movie. Your post is immature, uneducated, and just plain rude.

    I’m pretty sure there were some fellow military guys sitting right behind me as well. I was already trying not to cry but when you hear the sniffs and tears of hardened military guys, one can’t help but be emotional.

    Go see this movie! Take your kids and grandkids of the right age. Talk to them about what this man did for his country. Educate them on the real story and not what they see on the internet or read in the paper. Also, take some tissues with you, you will need them.

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