Guns Save Life will host its first meeting in Champaign of the new year on Tuesday evening.  Dinner and conversation begin shortly after 5pm.  The meeting itself will commence at 7pm.

Our main speaker will be Jeffrey Shuck, a man who has overcome remarkable obstacles to become Illinois Deputy General Counsel on a professional level and on the weekends, he’s become a pretty darn good firearms instructor.  In fact, he’s the only wheelchair bound instructor we’re aware of in Illinois.  He also (not surprisingly) teaches legal considerations relating to deadly force and the new law.

For Tech Time, Tim Murray, owner of the only indoor shooting facility in Champaign County – High Caliber – will be on hand to talk about some opportunities to shoot when temperatures are sub-zero and there’s a foot of snow on the ground.  Specifically, indoors, at their new, state-of-the-art facility in north Urbana.

As usual, we’re giving away a gun – a shotgun this month.

Come on out!


Fluid Events Meeting Center

601 N. Country Fair Drive

Champaign, IL 61821


4 thoughts on “TUESDAY EVENING: GSL monthly meeting in Champaign!”
  1. They are. They’re also regulars.

    GSL meetings aren’t only for old white guys! We’re family friendly and welcoming to all!


  2. Adorable? Yep.

    Nice? Yep, that too.

    They also have a way of getting you to open your wallet to buy GSL shirts. That’s not always a bad thing. Got a pink “T” for the wife. She was happy I brought her something back from the meeting.

    Better than flowers, I think.


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