Second City Cop turned us on to this indicator of how the mainstream media is in decline.

We’ve long said that America’s are voting with their wallets when it comes to the leftist, anti-gun mainstream media.  It may be effecting them more profoundly than we ever imagined.

Evidenced by a link to the Chicago Tribune’s story from a one-paragraph teaser in the Chicago Sun-Times.

We’ll reprint the whole thing as it’s only one paragraph:

Here’s the link:

Officers moved from mayor’s security detail seek to depose Emanuel

Posted: 01/09/2015, 02:12pm | Chicago Tribune

Lawyers for 11 Chicago police officers who claim Mayor Rahm Emanuel removed them from his security detail for political reasons when he took office in 2011 have asked a federal judge to order the mayor to sit for a deposition as part of their ongoing lawsuit. The officers, who are all white or Hispanic, alleged in a 2012 complaint that Emanuel actively participated in selecting a new security team that included African-American officers with less seniority as well as officers who had volunteered for his campaign.



Note where the “More…” takes you!

4 thoughts on “MAINSTREAM MEDIA DECLINE: Chicago Sun-Times referring readers to Chicago Tribune?”
  1. It’s actually kinda sad.
    Politics aside, when I lived in Chicago it actually had two competing newspapers (the Tribune and the Sun-Times), not two papers with the same owners like in most cities. (And, when I first moved there, the Daily News, too).
    I know that both papers are eating out of Rahm’s hand right now, but with competition there’s always at least the potential for quality.

  2. The slum times dumped its photographers awhile back due to costs. At menards recently a trib sales pitch guy nodded knowingly when I told him I wouldn’t train a puppy with that paper. He nodded, said I wasn’t the only person to say that.
    They destroyed themselves by creating the news, not being impartial reporters. Eff them all.

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