Tragedy Friday afternoon in Kansas City as a gun shop co-owner faced four armed, hoodie-wearing members of America’s criminal class.  The bad guys were quick on the trigger after smashing the female half of the married couple proprietors in the face.  Her husband successfully shot all three of the four bad guys, but succumbed to his own wounds.

Four on one, especially highly motivated bad guys, is long odds.  Especially when it’s a surprise.

We salute Jon Bieker for staying in the fight until the hoodlums fled the store, and to make the best of a bad situation.  And certainly if his wife was able to get her gun into the fight, the same for her.  If the owners had failed to successfully engage these scumbags, there’s no doubt the robbers would have killed both of them and absconded with lots of guns and ammo.

Neighbors of the Biekers lauded them to no end as good people who enjoyed helping people – especially women – how to defend themselves from violent attack.  Sadly, violence fell upon them.

Sadly, only one bad guy was found dead.  He and another were found in or near the store’s front door when cops arrived.  Two more, one with less serious wounds, managed to make it a short distance and hide in a homeowner’s screened-in front porch briefly until the owner called 9-1-1 and police caught up with them.


Kansas City (Star) – The co-owner of a Shawnee gun store was fatally shot and three suspects were wounded during an attempted robbery Friday afternoon.

The gunfight broke out after four robbers entered She’s A Pistol, at 57th Street and Nieman Road, about 2:10 p.m., according to Shawnee police.

Jon Bieker, 44, of Gardner, who co-owned the business with his wife, Becky Bieker, died later at a hospital, police said.

…The shooting started after one robber struck Becky Bieker in the face, police said. Police didn’t know who fired first or how the gun battle unfolded, but it left Jon Bieker and two robbers with critical gunshot wounds. A fourth person, one of the robbers, had less-serious gunshot injuries.


8 thoughts on “WITH TRAGEDY COMES LESSONS: Gun shop owner, facing 4-on-1 odds, dies heroically”
  1. I feel sad that the Owner died, but 4 hits on target, under stress and wounded, He did the only thing that presented safety! Get rid of the threat, he saved lives now and possibly the future! Fair winds and Following Sea’s,

  2. Excellent shooting by the shop owner. he put a scumbag in the ground, put holes in a few more and defended his wife. RIP

  3. Were the bad guys black?
    This crap is going to happen on a regular basis now, and happen more often… prepared.

  4. Suspects:

    You do the math.

  5. I’m not speaking ill of the dead – I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened. That said I wonder if the Gentleman shop owner could have survived if he and his wife were trained in basic trauma care/gunshot wounds and had blowout kits nearby. Maybe they were, IDK.

    Statistically 90% of handgun wounds are survivable if you can just STOP THE BLEEDING. A tourniquet, and some trauma dressing with a clotting agent in it can stop the bleeding in the vast majority of gunshot wounds.

    Take your medical training seriously guys! If you carry a gun, you should own at least 1 blowout kit and know how to use it! Handgun wounds are highly survivable, but not if you wait 20 min for EMS to get there and put a tourniquet on you. The vast majority of mass shooting victims bled out while waiting for medical help to arrive.

    It takes usually at least 3 minutes for a person to bleed out, and putting on a tourniquet takes about as long as tying one of your shoes – can you tie your shoes in less than 3 min? Yes? Than you have a good chance of surviving a handgun wound.

    Get equipped. Get trained. Your life may depend on it.

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