Meet Kassi Karry.  She’s a model, yoga instructor and Cross Fit enthusiast from North Carolina. (H/t to Miguel at GFZ)

She also likes to shoot.

Yes, she’s got some ink, and doesn’t look like your average PTA mom, but we warmly welcome her into the gun culture because she likes to shoot.  Even better, she doesn’t hide her love of guns, gun rights and freedom.

The gun culture and gun owners generally welcome all good people into the gun culture’s coed fraternity.  Men, women, even young people.  Young, old, able-bodied and the disabled, it doesn’t matter.   We welcome gays, straights, liberals, conservatives, along with members of every ethnic and racial group.  Everyone is welcomed.

Even if they don’t necessarily agree with us on eating meat (or not), taste in music or even choice of religion (or lack thereof).

Even, Heaven forbid, if they think the best chili has beans or if it’s okay to put ketchup on a hot dog.


Kassi and others like her, along with you and I, are the reason why civil rights always triumphs over tyranny and oppression in America.  Why, specifically?  Because the good guys have guns.

Meanwhile, how welcoming to diversity are our opponents?



And they are the same people (again, H/t to Miguel at GFZ) that:



6 thoughts on “BIG TENT, OPEN MINDS: The gun culture welcomes *all* good people”
  1. Yoga, huh?

    I don’t know as my spousal unit would approve of me taking up yoga at my age.

    You do have a point. We do welcome diversity. We strive to educate those who will listen. But there’s always those horses (asses) who will never drink, even if we bring them to the water’s edge.


  2. But it IS ok to put ketchup on a hot dog. And I’ll bet if I did that at a GSL meeting, no one would hate me for it.

    (BTW, we usually have much better food than hot dogs at GSL meetings.)

    1. Dr. King was right. The only true measure of a person is the content of his or her character.
      That’s why I’ve never trusted anyone over 12 who puts ketchup on a hot dog.

  3. Yes. Food at GSL meetings is far better than hot dogs. The fellowship is even better! And yes, everyone is so very nice.

    1. The only food better than hotdogs is bacon.

      Is this bacon available at the meetings all-you-can-eat?

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