There was a report released in 2014 that found that roughly 10% of Americans report to work high on marijuana (link – warning autoplay video).

Seems as though that’s happening at Forbes as well as they released a report that Washington DC was the nation’s second most gun-friendly state with 66.4 registered guns per 1,000 residents.

They also laughably claimed that Wyoming was the most gun-friendly with 195.7 registered guns per 1,000 residents.

First off, Washington D.C. isn’t a state and it’s not one bit gun friendly.

Secondly, Wyoming, like almost all states, has no gun registration.  Furthermore, if Forbes had found there were 195.7 guns owned (not registered) per 100 residents, it would be a lot more believable.

And if you think Alaska only has 15 guns per 1000 people, you really are high as a kite.

Heck, Illinois has ten gun owners for every 100 residents and Illinois is not a big gun state, compared to our neighbors Kentucky or Indiana.

The report was so bad that Forbes pulled it.  They didn’t retract it – they instead tried to hide their embarrassment of their amateur-hour, high-on-something reporting by making it disappear.

However, on the internet, nothing is lost.

That’s what they get relying on Bloomberg. Image courtesy Gun Free Zone.  The good folks at Statista would like a link.
7 thoughts on “MARIJUANA IN THE WORKPLACE: Forbes Magazine says Washington DC “second” most gun-friendly state”
  1. I think one of the sources listed on the bottom of the graphs says it all: Bloomberg!
    I suspect the purpose of the article was to make people think firearms registration was already in place. I’m surprised that New York and New Jersey where not included.

  2. forgot to mention…. What is the ATF National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record? Is this possibly the NFA registry? Which would mean the Wyoming has 196 NFA Firearms per 1,000 people?

    1. Perhaps. But I guarantee you there aren’t 195 class III guns in DC for every 1000 residents.

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