It has been a good year for GSL’s blog, just as it has been for Guns Save Life in general, and gun owners in most of America for that matter.

Unlike the Brady Campaign or Bloomberg’s host of gun grabber groups, we’re not so bashful about publishing our stats.


You’ll notice that sudden spike that kicked in mid-year and lasted until late July.  Yeah, we don’t know what that is.  We remain skeptical that something was up, so we’re not going to brag that we had over 10,475,000 unique visitors in 2014 because it doesn’t seem possible.

Again, we don’t know what happened.  At first we thought the server had been compromised and/or we were hijacked.  We changed up logins and passwords, and had two professional internet security experts poke around and they found no skulduggery afoot, so it is what it is.

Our Alexa rating, as of early January 2015, is 57,220.

Considering our first post was in August 2012, our growth and success has been remarkable.

Here are some additional stats for you.


Visits, Unique Visitors, New Visitors, Return Visitors totals for the year.


6 thoughts on “LOOKING UNDER THE HOOD: Guns Save Life Stats… 2014”
  1. Congrats.

    Thanks John. And your contributing writers.

    Good stuff here.

    Oh yeah, I looked up and they were ranked like 1.7M. Wow.

  2. I’m proud to be member of GSL and the work everyone does in support of our Constitutional Rights! Thank you all who are a part of this organization.

  3. What is a unique visitor? I’m thinking somebody with six fingers on one hand or maybe three ears.

  4. Another proud member here.

    A unique visitor is a unique internet address, if I understand my kid correctly.

    1. Kids know, unless your name is Al Bundy. I didn’t think it had anything to do with a freak show.

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