America’s youth are abandoning Hollywood movies in droves and that’s leading some Tinsel Town execs to panic.  Variety Mag reports:

Americans aged 12 to 24 saw 15% fewer films in theaters during the first three quarters of the year, according to Nielsen. And in 2013, according to a Motion Picture Association of America report, the number of frequent moviegoers between the ages of 18 to 24 fell by a record 17%.

A host of factors have played a role, surely, including a mountain of student debt, lack of jobs and the economic depression the nation is in (if you factor our the Fed’s “monetary easing”, we are in a depression).  We also think that America is growing sick of the liberal bent in so many big screen productions – and just as the “Air America” network of liberal talk show hosts and programs tanked, so too is Hollywood headed down the road to bankruptcy and ruin.

It’s not just the young audiences turning down Hollywood’s fecal material.

It’s everyone:

Audiences cooled to Hollywood offerings, voting with their feet as attendance dropped by an estimated 6% to 1.26 billion, the lowest figure in nearly two decades.

With too few movies with original plot lines, following tried and true recipes for successes such as those employed in the 1940s and 1950s, it’s no wonder the growing trend for Americans to turn their noses up at one “sequel” after another.




6 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD LOSES ITS GLITTER: Execs panic as theater ticket sales plummet”
  1. Non sequitur conclusion. Falling _theater_ sales does not necessarily mean fewer films seen. It can also mean more films seen online.
    I do hope that it is the correct conclusion, but it does not necessarily follow from the data.

  2. I think I’ve seen maybe about a movie a year for the last few years.

    The last couple of SEAL movies were the last one. Lone Survivor and the other one that starred the SEALS.

    As for the rest of it, I don’t even both renting movies, and I don’t feel like I’m socially retarded for it.

  3. The idiotic behavior of the target audience also affects attendance. Why sit in a room full of jerks with a sticky floor when I have a better seat and screen at home?

  4. Streaming movies and on demand rentals, combined with a cost of at least $50.00 for two people to go to a theater, probably has something to do with it. Not a cheap date anymore.

  5. My son gets his from some online thing. I don’t fully understand it, but he often brings over movies to watch while they’re still in the theaters, especially this time of year.


  6. Panic? I doubt that. Deeply concerned? Yup.

    And they aren’t getting a lot of help from our house. I do want to see American Sniper though.

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