The Tuesday, January 6th meeting in Pontiac, IL will feature the NRA-ILA’s man in the Illinois Capitol as the primary speaker.

Todd’s going to talk about his recent hunting trip to Africa to help support conservation there.

He’ll also give members and friends present a first-hand, direct from the horse’s mouth look at what’s coming in spring session in the General Assembly in Springfield.

Come on out!

Tuesday, January 6th:  at the
Pontiac VFW Post 886
531 W. Lincoln Ave.
Pontiac, IL 61764

12 thoughts on “GSL Pontiac Meeting Jan. 6th: Todd Vandermyde, NRA-ILA’s man in Springfield”
  1. A hunting trip to support conservation? Are you actually joking? Like actually, seriously joking? Sir, what the hell are you going to do with that giant animal you decided to kill? You really think that killing that is ‘conservation’? You need to look in a dictionary, friend. This entire website is just sad and wrong. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas because I suspect you all celebrate it and I hope the new year brings some karma your way.

    1. His Depends should have been replaced weeks ago.

      Now he’s got sand in his mangina too.

      Let me fetch him a tissue.


    2. You moron, if you had any brains, you would know that many of the animals that are hunted exist because of hunting, via the license fees and other funds. The conservation areas they live in are paid for by these monies.

      Go back to your bong.

  2. Dear Sick,

    Well, we ate it. Some of the meat is used in camp. Some goes to the camp staff. And some is used for a local school. Aside from that the hide and horns will come back to the states and I will have them mounted and displayed in my house.

    And hunting, being regulated, does support conservation. the fees we pay help support habitat, breeding programs and research. Hunting is also a large part of the South African economy that supports thousands of jobs that would not exist otherwise.

  3. I understand vegans like “Sickens Me” are against any animal consumption or conservation activities. I on the other hand am not a vegan and as a hunter care deeply about animal conservation initiatives. Looking forward to learning more about your hunt at the upcoming meeting.

    1. I highly DOUBT he is a vegan… rather, probably one of those people that meat should be raised the “natural” way… you know, on a feedlot, where someone else kills it and it shows up in a wrapped in plastic package so that they don’t have to deal with the reality that something had to be put down in order for them to eat.

  4. 1. I didn’t climb to the top of this food chain to just east greens.

    2. My food poops on your food

    3. vegan — old indian word for bad hunter

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