Charles DiRosa (Photo credit Chicopee police) via CBS Boston.


Other times, they label themselves rather nicely.

CHICOPEE (CBS) — A Chicopee man is facing charges after posting “Put Wings on Pigs” to Facebook, police say.

Chicopee police said Monday that local residents alerted them to the “very disturbing post” by Charles DiRosa.

On Saturday, two New York police officers were killed by a gunman while sitting in their police cruiser. The suspect, who then killed himself, had posted “I’m putting wings on pigs today” on social media, according to officials.

Hint:  Don’t post on social media that you’re fixin’ to “Put Wings on Pigs” or you’ll be fixin’ to spend some time in the slammer if you’re lucky.

4 thoughts on “SCUMBAGS: Most of the time scumbags don’t self-identify blatantly”
    1. Tell that to the Secret Service should you decide to post you want to put wings on Barack Obama.

  1. The long fingernails are demonstrating that he does no hard work. Its no accident you see that. The sunglasses hide a lot of fear. Real eye contact terrifies these mutts…. I have dealt with the criminal element for decades, everyone I have ever seen like this is a punk failure living at the expense of mom, or grandma, or some clueless girlfriend. As for his claim, Theres more than a few guys who would love to have a conversation with him regarding cops and his outlook on them. Sadly, this is the most famous this human skidmark will ever be in his life.

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