One of our regulars said we were a little too serious of late.

So we bring some levity to make you chuckle.

NOT safe for work.  Well, maybe sort of if you turn off the sound.


5 thoughts on “INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: How to be tacticool”
  1. Two or three actually. And a couple at the end. I can’t believe I snotted myself.

    Jesus. Worse that a wet fart.

  2. I usually enjoy your articles. GSL is one of the first sites every morning. However, this video is trash and has no place in your otherwise fine site. Sad to see this on what is usually a family safe site to read.

  3. This was a pretty unexpected article/video, but I found it hilarious. Nice to breakup all the seriousness from time to time. As for Don T’s comment above; With all due respect, John did note that the video was NSFW (not safe for work). So fair warning was given. I laughed so hard I shared this article with several friends who are now following the GSL site.

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