Nevermind that bringing a gun to a school classroom is a felony in most states today.

Nevermind that there’s a reason minors aren’t allowed to enter into contracts by law, or make life-changing decisions as a rule.

That doesn’t stop the gun grabber cult from making and circulating a public service announcement calling for kids to steal their parents’ guns, take them to school and turn them in because…

Wait for it…

…because they don’t feel comfortable with a gun in the house.

That is felony stupid.


Who came up with this felony stupid idea?

Rejina Sincic, pictured below, uploaded it to YouTube.



Seems little miss Regina is feeling the heat from people trying to tell her how she’s setting up unsuspecting kids for a felony conviction and time in prison.  So she reaches out to the gun control cultists at Coalition to Steal Your Guns:

Image via Miguel at Gun Free Zone.


CSGV doesn’t say “HEY, DIPSTICK!  That’s a lousy idea!”

No, they say “Please make your PSA shorter to accommodate our simple-minded followers!”

11 thoughts on “FELONY STUPID: Gun grabbers urge kids to steal their parents’ guns & take them to school to turn in UPDATED”
  1. Tell that this idiot is on the obamama care mandatory birth control program to prevent destroying the ” jean ” pool.

  2. I didn’t have to worry about my kids taking my guns to school to surrender them. They had plenty of their own, in their own rooms.

    After all, once they were responsible enough to have their own, I wanted to make damn sure they had access to one or more guns in case a bad guy came a knockin’ when mom or dad weren’t home.

  3. My kids had their own guns too.

    Then again, they were responsible, unlike the immature turd in this PSA.

  4. They left out the part where the school goes on lockdown and the kid is arrested, expelled and referred for psychiatric counseling.

  5. so lets see, kid gets expelled for bringing an empty piece of brass to school, eating a pop tart into the shape of a gun, pointing a finger at somebody…. and this worthless piece of crap wants kids to take their parents real guns to school to turn them in.

    Oh but wait, the new Surgeon General will be telling Obama Care pediatricians that they have to ask kids about guns in the home.

    Back in Soviet Russia, the State had a school program that encouraged kids to turn in their parents and other relatives for subversive activities – all for the good of the state. Is that what the progressive left wants?

  6. So let me guess, they illegally possessed a firearm in a school to shoot this little video as well.
    The amount of stupid in this video just amazes me.

  7. Judging from the looks of this ghetto queen,one of her homies will probably shoot her when she complains about being called a bitch and a ho,in her case it’s probably true.

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