You would have that look too if you spent $2 million to defend what you claimed was a sure thing and then lost.


If you want to better understand just how impotent Gabby Giffords’ gun-grabber group “Americans for Responsible Solutions” has become, you need to look no further than her home Congressional district.  Her former chief of staff, gun-hating Ron Barber, officially lost his bid for re-election to America’s first female fighter pilot Martha McSally.

Martha McSally after learning of her victory becoming certified as official. Photo via Times Union.

Grabby Gabby’s group spent  $2,007,611 to beat McSally.

TWO MILLION DOLLARS and change.  And they still couldn’t hold it.

If Gabby Giffords can’t even keep her former Congressional seat in a part of Arizona where she had sky-high name recognition and a very favorable rating among residents, how is it she’s going to offer a meaningful influence to other regions of the country?

In a nutshell, she and her sham group are not.

This may be the first of the death rattles from the gun grabber group Americans for Responsible Solutions.  And the end of the money gravy train for Gabby and her husband Mark Kelly.

After all, who wants to work for or squander money on a proven loser?


13 thoughts on “WANING: Gabby Giffords’ gun-grabbing group can’t even hold her former Congressional seat”
  1. Is Gabby really the brains behind this, or is someone just using her as a sympathetic puppet?

    $2M down the drain? I’d feel like crap losing $2k. $2 million though? I guess it’s not her $$.


  2. I hope that the turd who shot her dies a long sloooow miserable death that is very painful, staked on an anthill comes to mind. but at the same time, I hope this gun grabbing group has a quick exit.

  3. I think GRabby Gifford’s husband Mark Kelly is the brains behind the group Americans for Responsible Solutions. He is the one who purchased an AR-15 and a pistol about a year ago, but when caught, Mr. Kelly stated that he just wanted to show just how easily guns can be bought and then donated the AR-15 to a local police department. Not sure what he did with the pistol. It is probably in his sock drawer with a collection of other guns. What hypocrites he and his wife are. GRabby even posed somewhere holding an AR-15. Given her hatred of guns, I think holding a gun would be like the Anticrist holding a Bible. Mark Kelly needs to go back into space so we can get rid of him meddling in our business here on earth. I’m sure he is a better astronaut than 2nd Amendment basher.

    1. Its all part of the show… well known “gun violence” victims are a commodity – one that people like Bloomberg is willing to pay handsomely for.

      Last I heard the going price was 30 pieces of silver…

  4. Sadly, these groups never really go away. They just keep renaming themselves whenever the original group loses credibility, especially if they can tap into sugar daddy Bloomberg money. If Murthy gets confirmed as Surgeon General, look for a whole new crop of “research institutes” or “health and safety foundations” churning out anti-gun “studies” with their federal grant money.

    1. They confirmed little Doogie Houser earlier this week. Gee, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear Obama was trying to destroy America.

    2. Yep, you hit the nail on the head. Groups like Americans for Responsible Solutions are like slimy bacteria that morph into even more sinister forms when the light shines on them.

  5. $3 per vote? And she still couldn’t win?

    And didn’t the Dems also spent about the same amount on the race, desperately trying to hold onto it, for symbolic reasons if nothing else?

    America is pissed at gun-grabbing Democrats.

  6. FOR 2013
    3 million people are injured every year in car accidents in America.
    Around 2 million drivers experience permanent injuries every year from car accidents.
    40,000 people lose their lives every year due to major accidents while driving.
    40% of all deaths caused by car accidents involve alcohol.
    30% of car accident fatalities are attributed to speeding.
    Reckless driving accounts for 33% of all deaths involving major car accidents.

    Then take a look at alcohol misuse deaths: “Excessive alcohol use led to nearly 88,000 deaths per year over the study period, and shortened the lives of those who died by about 30 years on average, said study researcher Dafna Kanny of the CDC”

    So if Grabby and had been injured by a drunken driver bent on taking her and others out, would she and “Major Tom” be leading a coalition to take away cars and start another prohibition? EVIL will always find a way to try to kill, steal or destroy………….

  7. I feel sorry that head shot and Space cadet are losing some of their funding {traction!} I feel Sad that gigolo Space cadet can’t pimp out his bread and butter and has to pander his has been used to was routine!
    I do not feel sorry for any Politician especially those who practice Sedition and try too sell it by the look at me because Ive been shot and I’m worth more than any of your rights!

  8. Gabby and that leech has been husband of hers need to realize they’ve milked this for all it’s worth. 2 dummies, a loser candidate that will drop into obscurity, and $2 mil down the drain. Ohh Yeah !!! watch the membership sky rocket and the donations pour in now !!!!

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