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Our heartwarming at the holidays series continues with the wonderful real-life story about a frail pair of grandparents who took their 14-year-old grandson out to the range and taught him how to use a gun to defend their home after a series of break-ins in the neighborhood and attempted break-ins at their own home.

Fast forward further along the Christmas season this year until earlier this week…  We’ll let the Charlotte Observer take it from there.

Burglars had tried to break into George and Anna Marie Wyant’s home near Mint Hill at least twice, so they kept a pistol hidden in the house for protection, hoping they’d never have to use it.

On Tuesday, their 14-year-old grandson was visiting. He was sick with bronchitis, and Anna Marie, 73, had just had hip replacement surgery. They were taking care of each other while his mother and the rest of the family was at a Christmas party.

The teen was headed to the kitchen to make his grandmother a bowl of rice when they heard a back window break around 5:15 p.m.

A few minutes later, Anna Marie Wyant told a 911 operator what had happened.

“The man was breaking into the window,” she told the operator. “He was halfway in the window. My grandson told him to stop and get out of here and he didn’t so my grandson shot him. … Somebody just broke in the house and we shot him.”

The Wyants’ grandson can also be heard talking in the background: “I said ‘Who is it?’ and he wouldn’t stop. And he broke my – he broke my grandma’s window so I shot three times.”

The dead thug-in-training  Isai Robert Delcid, 18, had no criminal record, but his brother Carlos, 20 or 22, was a real peach.  How did the police track him down so quickly?  It wasn’t rocket science.
Carlos Delcid.
For more on brother Carlos’ role and capture, let’s turn to WSOC:

Officers said the intruder’s brother, Carlos, ran from the scene but police quickly tracked him down because of his electronic monitor.

Investigators said Carlos was already on probation for breaking into the same house twice in the past four months — once in September and again in October.

Wyant said he believes Carlos targeted his house after seeing his wife’s prescription pills while performing duct work in the attic.

“I got a look at the duct in the bathroom and she came in too. They had taken all of her medicine,” he said.

Police had used fingerprints to identify Delcid as the suspect in a second break-in at the home in October.

Shocking!  Isai Delcid, the deceased. He looks like he grew up in a decent home. What happened to turn him into a drug-seeking hoodlum willing to continue making entry upon an occupied dwelling against an armed homeowner in order to steal prescription drugs? Photo via Facebook via BizPacReview.

It’s too bad the kid didn’t wait for them both to come through that window before opening fire.  He would have done society a favor.

Pin a medal on that boy for protecting his grandparents from a pair of druggies who just wanted to get high.

Bad things can happen, even in nice neighborhoods. Be prepared and stay vigilant.
2 thoughts on “HEARTWARMING AT THE HOLIDAYS: 14-year-old shoots home invader to defend self, grandmother”
  1. I heard this young man lost his father to a shooting when he was 8. An Illegal killed his father while he was working on a car in the families repair shop and i think at least of these home invaders was also illegal.

    Anyone hear this story or something different?

  2. Heartwarming indeed.

    The guy kept coming when faced with a kid armed with a gun? He must have thought the kid wouldn’t shoot.

    He might have killed that kid if he hadn’t shot.

    SO when will Dindu’s family come out with something like “He din’t do nuffin” crap?


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