Watch the video.  Lowell, MI police.



Merry Christmas.



6 thoughts on “UPLIFTING: Police brutality in action (not exactly…)”
  1. Well, I usually have much disdain for LEOs, but the Lowell, MI guys have my utmost respect. A little kindness and respect, even w/o Christmas presents, will go a long way to creating a good citizen/police relationships – and it works both ways.

  2. Call me Scrooge: GUY driving a $45,0000 Nissan, “hey, man, here’s a new TV for you!”

    How bout some poor mo’fo like me with an old car that clearly looks broken down (although everything’s new in it)?

    Nah, cops need to bribe the good white folks of lowell!

    1. Go to Lowell and see what happens?

      I too saw that and thought discretion would have said to the cop, “you know what, let me find someone in an older car with kids to help.”


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