The Central Illinois mainstream media was all atwitter at a report outlining Illinois’ most dangerous cities.

On it, Law Street Media analyzed Illinois cities based upon crime reports.

The most dangerous city?

Harvey, IL, with a violent crime rate in excess of 1600 / 100,000.

Springfield came in third at 1014.

Let’s put that into perspective, shall we.

Law Street Media didn’t including Chicago because of “unclear crime reports”.

We’ll include Chicago neighborhoods because, well, there are FBI stats.  Keep in mind Chicago is massaging these reported numbers downward by reclassifying crimes, etc.  But let’s compare Springfield and Harvey to some of Chicago’s neighborhoods, shall we?

Also keep in mind that Chicago has long been Illinois gun control capital, with a plethora of laws on the books making firearm ownership all-but-impossible for its law-abiding residents ahead of the recent McDonald decision.

Chicago’s neighborhood at Winchester and 60th street has a reported crime rate of 10368/100,000.

Chicago’s neighborhood at Wallace and 58th street has a reported crime rate of 10720/100,000.

And those are just two.

3 thoughts on “PERSPECTIVE: “Dangerous” downstate IL communities vs. Chicago”
  1. Nothing like the Killing Fields of Chicago. Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and the likes of them would feel right at home in that city. Yuck! Never go there.

  2. Jesus. I thought Springfield was kind of bad in places. I can’t imagine 10x the crime. Shitcago really is a cesspool in places, isn’t it?

  3. From my perspective, Harvey IS part of Chicago.
    Just more massaged statistics trying to make someone’s point believable.

    Some neighborhoods and towns are definitely safer than others but there are no “safe” neighborhods. We should be trained and lawfully carrying a defense weapon in ALL neighborhoods.

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