From the December 2014 issue of GunNews.

by John Boch
I’m not 18-years-old anymore. What’s worse is that my body has been reminding me of this fact.

So, about ten weeks ago, I grew tired enough of being out of shape to do something about it.  I joined a gym that I thought was a good fit for me after looking at a couple of fitness centers.

How bad was my situation?  At my initial fitness assessment, they asked me to rate my fitness on a ten scale.  “Negative five.”  They snickered.

Snickers ended when I nearly passed out during the test.  They were hovering over me, assessing me more for an ambulance than for measuring my (lack of) physical condition.

For the next three days I felt like I was ninety-years-old because of muscle soreness.

But then I began to feel better.

I put my man-card away and admitted I didn’t know squat about working out.  I retained a personal trainer and that’s already paid huge dividends.

Just as a good firearm instructor will teach you the safe and effective use of a gun, my personal trainer has educated me on how to maximize the benefits of my time at the gym while minimizing the risk of injury.

Kim, my trainer, started me off easy and educated me on using good form with the machines, and on exercises I can do at home to supplement what I do at the gym.   She’s also prodding me to try new things.

Where am I at after ten weeks?

I wanted to lose about ten pounds, but instead I’ve gained nearly ten despite a modest reduction in my caloric intake.

It’s interesting how my bodyweight has “moved” around as I’ve burned fat and built muscle.  I’m approaching my second inch lost around the waist and by the end of the year, I’m going to need a smaller belt.

I’m not yet ready to run a 5k race, or even a 1k race, but I’ve come a long ways on those cardio machines without needing the defibrillator.  Even better, I don’t need a nap after a trip to Walmart.

Moreover, I actually enjoy going to the fitness center.

Yes, for many years I rolled my eyes in disbelief when my friends told me their workouts were enjoyable and how they felt better afterwards.

Well, it’s true.

My workout is moderate and more or less enjoyable.  There’s plenty of room and they have lots of machines.  There’s also racket ball (I need a partner), swimming, basketball, punching bags and tons of classes if I want to do things besides work on the machines or free weights.

My domestic supervisor likes the gym as well.  She loves her water aerobics and loves her trainer she’s nicknamed Zach the Torturer.

This is easily the longest stint with fitness training and I credit my personal trainer for helping me to focus my efforts to maximize the benefit of my workouts.

I’d encourage each of you to join me in getting into better shape, not because I’ve drank the LA Fitness Kool-Aid, but because I want all of you to be healthier and live longer.

8 thoughts on “BOCH: It feels good to work out”
  1. John,

    You won’t need a smaller belt. Think of it as making extra room for a weak side, inside the waist band holster. Maybe Wendy will loan you her little black gun.

  2. Exercise is good for the mind and body. Good on ya changing your lifestyle, not many people can do it.

    1. Which means he as the good sense to know those three are *much* easiler on the eyes than John is.

      If girls like that are at the gym, I might have to start working out myself!

  3. Thanks John for your wishes of long life and good health, great to hear your’e getting in shape. hang in there !!!!

  4. Good for you Jon! Your lucky my health is so bad I cant work out. I have trouble just walking now let alone other failures.

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