Don’t mess with dangerous old men, because old age and treachery always overcomes youthful strength and stupidity.

Some thugs in North Carolina thought the old man in the old house would be an easy mark for some narcotic medications and maybe some valuables.  Wearing masks, they brazenly tried to force entry on his house.

What they didn’t know is the old man has a Colt 1911 and the willingness to perforate predatory punks.  Yeah, Sam Colt made the old man with a walker an equal to two young toughs.

The neighborhood thugs wanted no part of the old man when he opened the door, showing them the business end of a .45 auto.  They probably thought that bore looked big enough to park a bus inside before the literally tripped over one another to flee their criminal endeavor.


Gastonia, NC (Gastonia Gazette) – Sixty-eight-year-old Joseph Sapienza suspects the men who attempted to break into his Gastonia home Thursday night thought he would be an easy target because he’s disabled and uses a walker.

But after scaring away the would-be thieves, Sapienza taped a note to his door, in which he attempted to make it clear that his trigger finger works just fine.

“(If) you try to break in my house again, I will be waiting on you,” reads the note, which was still there Friday afternoon. “Enter at your own risk.”

Sapienza, a Marine Corps veteran who served four years in Vietnam, was watching television in his bed at 7:42 p.m. at his home on Davis Avenue. He heard someone prying off the lock and pulling the nails to the latch out of his front door.

He grabbed his .45-caliber handgun, put it in a holster on his walker and began shuffling toward the sound. He flipped a hallway light on, yelled out to announce he was armed, and yanked open the door to see two men wearing ski masks.

They jumped off his porch and practically tripped over one another trying to flee, Sapienza said.

“It was like a keystone cops scene,” he said. “When they saw the .45, one ran one way up the street, and the other went the other way.”


5 thoughts on “SAM COLT MADE HIM EQUAL: Young thugs run for their lives as vet with .45 dissuades their would-be home invasion”
  1. This reminds me of my Dad, in his 70’s and little tolerance for scumbags. the only difference between this gentleman and Dad is that my old man likes the 1911 but prefers his S&W 357 magnum.

  2. And I thought criminals were dumb. At least these two thugs had enough intelligence to recognize the business end of a gun and to flee the scene. I doubt they learned any life lessons, however, other than to avoid this man’s home for further “business” endeavors. President Obama and Atty. Gen. Eric Holder are probably proud of the two thugs for leaving the ghetto and going to work. Wonder if they voluntarily left the welfare roles since they are working stiffs again?

  3. Come here little hoodlums… daddy’s got something for you!

    Free hot lead! Come and get your hot lead!

  4. Vice Presidon’t Joe BITEME would suggest he should have unloaded THROUGH the door at these scumsuckers.

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