From someone who sent an eyewitness account to Second City Cop:

I was out there tonight on Lake Shore drive while the white Protestors. And a few Black Protestors were filming us and yelling. I seen a White Girl with her camera phone filming us. She was holding the camera in the air. Then some black guy grabbed the girls phone and took off into the crowd. The girl then approached the cop next to me and stated that this black guy just grabbed her cell phone. The cop next to me raised his arms up and stated ‘Don’t call the police’. I started laughing and she turned to me and asked why I was laughing.I stated you don’t like or want the police around so you go chase that black guy. She stated that’s your job to protect me and my Property. I stated you are protesting me from doing my job. She walked away crying.


Isn’t it amazing how some people believe that shooting down bad guys threatening innocents with death or great bodily injury is “murder”.   It’s not surprising many of these same people don’t believe you should have a right to defend yourself and your family.  Even worse, these same people apparently have no idea that the police have no obligation to protect the individual.



10 thoughts on “KARMA SUCKS: Woman gets smart phone stolen at “eff the police” rally; cop won’t chase bad guy”
  1. Smart phone,stupid girl. I wonder if she’s afraid that a bunch of pavement apes are watching her homemade porn and then they’re going to post it on the internet? I certainly hope so.Not to worry though,I’m sure her evil capitalist parents will buy her a new phone,I’m sure they’ve paid for all the phones she has lost while getting drunk at the clubby club.

  2. The dimwit liberal should remember that the criminal that robbed her ( in front of cops no less !!!! ) is a victim of society and it’s not his fault. also didn’t she risk the life of the poor misunderstood bad guy by trying to sic the mean bloodthirsty cops on him ??? why, she must be some kinda racist and is picking on the bad guy because he’s black !!!!!

  3. Didn’t one of these dimwits get their Prius stolen down in St. Louis at one of these rallies?


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