Politics, like style, has its fads.

Just like bell-bottom jeans and parachute pants have gone out of style, this past election cycle has shown us that gun control and global warming have also gone out of style, according to Don Surber.

Global warming issue going the way of gun control

Politics like any other aspect of life has its fads. Remember the Beatles haircuts? Gun control fell out of fashion. Socialists celebrated the Sandy Hook shootings only to discover that Americans wanted better enforcement of existing gun control, and better mental health treatment.

This year, global warming/climate change has fallen out of fashion. It’s so 20th century.

Billionaire liberal hedge fund manager blew $74 million on four U.S. Senate and three gubernatorial races this year. He won 3, lost 4. And those losses are very telling because one was in Colorado and one was in Maine. I mean it is not like he went EPA-hugging in West Virginia. If you cannot demonize carbon dioxide in Colorado or Maine, you may as well pack it in.

6 thoughts on “REALITY: Global warming, gun control both gone out of style”
  1. unfortunately! living in the peoples republic of Minnesota who’s constitution does not contain a second amendment we are at the beck and call of the tiny brained politicians who think that doing gun control is their way of doing something, instead of facing the true bigger problems! Gun control was started by incompetent politicians so they can avoid looking like nincompoops and not accomplish anything (sort of like today)! the other bunch of Idiots hate America so bad that they want to destroy us!

  2. But I thought Attorney General of the United States of America Eric Holder was swooping in to save the day? Surely he has something to share ahead of the Grand Jury decision to stave off any unnecessary violence! I mean, he has evidence of wrong doing, right? Right?

  3. We feel your pain kap.

    Illinois is almost as blue was Minnesota.

    The good news is that the longer we wait to try the proven Wisconsin program to economic prosperity, the clearer the roadmap will be.

    1. Whoops, doesn’t cut it Josh. We are not deleting, instead you must pay each of us ten dollars apiece.

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