Corporal Nathan Cirillo, killed in one of two islamic terror attacks in Canada last week.

Three terrorist attacks last week – two from radicalized muslim Canadians and one in American by a radicalized Americans have many opening their eyes to the growing problem of radicalized muslims attacking our culture and our way of life as freedom-loving Westerners.

Audrey Russo presents an thought-provoking piece at Clash Daily on Sudden Jihad Syndrome – where “moderate” muslims go off the deep end and become radicalized by taking the writings in the Koran about Mohammed, a warmongering misogynist pedophile.


(Clash Daily) – With all the Jihad attacks recently, such as the one North of our border in Canada, and the one in Jerusalem …why are intelligent people in the West always so surprised by the savage actions by people who keep telling us they want to kill us?

What we continue to hear from the talking-heads is, “oh, it’s a lone wolf”…”this might be a new guerrilla warfare with self-radicalized individuals”.

OK…so we have global terrorist groups, lone wolf jihadists…all with the same message. Funny thing is: It’s all coming out of the same texts that Islamic scholars affirm to be accurate. The common thread (and there is one) is the pure ideology of Islam.

Most of us in the West are confused by those who do not act on the Quranic verses which demand that we infidels be converted by force, be enslaved OR be eliminated. There are millions of very congenial people either born into Islam or forced by law/family into the ideology. They have never read or studied the Quran or Hadiths and are happy living with the fairy tales told them about a peaceful, kind and merciful Muhammed. BUT, the truth happens to be the antithesis of that characterization. He was an angry warmonger, misogynist, pedophile…to truncate his description, concluded by his actions recorded in Islamic texts.

We in the West are now in danger. That’s legit. And it’s due to the fact that we have elected officials who instead of serving their constituents, are looking ahead to garner a new voting block…only problem is, they may have to submit to Allah in order to get those votes.

She closes with this:

…Are all Muslims terrorists? Of course not…but they DO all read from the same books, and I’ve never heard of a radicalized Muslim turned-Moderate.


While the author has a point, there are tens of millions of practitioners of islam who live peaceful lives.

It’s that pesky bunch who are sworn to convert, subjugate or kill the non-believers – as true believers are required to do by the Koran – that are a persistent problem.   And when half of muslim-Americans say they are “muslim first”, this has the potential to become a real problem.



One thought on “Sudden Jihad Syndrome coming to your city soon?”
  1. Radicalized muslims can be converted to very moderate ones, with precise application of “1200 FPS enlightenment” provided by self sufficient citizens prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones. Kevin Vickers demonstrated how it is done. I urge all citizens of good character to be prepared with no less than 12-30 enlightenment suppositories and at least one applicator whenever possible. Once it becomes common for these clowns to be dispatched long before the police arrive, the rest may learn moderation themselves….

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