How did we, as America, end up where we are at today?

Here’s your answer:  Low-information, low on self-reliance Obama voters like this one.

Miguel at Gun Free Zone posits that he is “Pajama Boy’s brother”.

We wouldn’t bet against it.

Do you think Max is a gun owner?  Do you think he could change a flat tire?

Do you think Max could add air to a tire?

Of course not!

If this guy had a father, his father failed miserably.

But we’d bet a princely sum that he voted for Obama.

11 thoughts on “LOW-INFORMATION OBAMA VOTER: What’s wrong with America today?”
  1. I remember the last time I whined when I was about 12-years-old.

    My old man took me behind the proverbial woodshed and gave me something to whine about.

    But this guy?


    Ken will probably be along to tell us this Max guy has no balls.

    Which would be completely true.


  2. He’s a disgusting specimen.

    Max, if you’re reading, you were obviously never even issued a man-card, so no need to worry about anyone coming around to confiscate it.


  3. I think this was just bad acting but fully agree that the masses of young men today are hapless thumbsuckers with ZERO skills in anything but texting and being helpless. the liberal scum has convinced way too many people that raising a gender neutral son was the PC thing to do.

    Women still like strong self reliant men with character, good luck finding any.

  4. There goes that Sam Whittemore! Obsessing about a young homosexual’s balls! Sammbo!! Shame on ya, bruddah. Oh, but if you PM’d him I bet he’d buy you a latte!

  5. Me thinks he needs to go to Man Camp. Maybe this could be a new venture for someone out there. Also, teach them some basic manners in regards to the ladies and how to eat in a nice restaurant. 🙂

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