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Americans are most afraid about walking alone at night, according to a new survey from Chapman University.

Tell me in comments, those of you who have a concealed carry piece:  Are you more reticent about walking alone at night while armed or when you, for whatever reason, aren’t carrying?

Anyway. Elizabeth Nolan Brown, a staff editor at Reason magazine is appalled.  She found time between writing about whether she likes long hair more than short hair to pen the following at Reason yesterday:

A new survey from Chapman University finds that the most common American fear is … walking alone at night, followed by becoming the victim of identity theft, safety on the Internet, being the victim of a mass shooting, and public speaking. I have never been so ashamed to be an American.

Bless her little heart.  Is Elizabeth so ashamed because she can’t blissfully go about her life in Condition White – oblivious to what’s going on around her – as an American?  She’s perhaps unhappy that she might have to take a little personal responsibility to look out for herself and that the world isn’t an liberal utopia.

We aren’t sure, but we think she might be better off tackling issues like hair care.

Maybe if she felt more self-confident and empowered after taking a firearm training class or two and getting her own gun (or two), she could be a smidgen less ashamed to be an American.

And for the record, my situational awareness coupled with a concealed carry piece on my hip gives me great peace of mind when I encounter situations that a great many Americans would fear.   Fears of walking alone?  Nope.  Not here (okay, I admit, thanks to my flashlight).  Fears of becoming a victim of a mass public attack?  Never.  I’ll do my best to put an end to any that unfold around me.  I might die, but it’ll be on my feet not cowering and pleading for my life with a mad man.

3 thoughts on “ADDLED MINDS: Writer ashamed to be an American because she can’t live like a sheeple”
  1. Public speaking requires some of the same skills as concealed carry, including skills practice and self confidence. I can see why they are on the same list.

    Still haven’t figured out why she’s ashamed to be an American. Because that’s the list of fears, or those are her fears?

    Fear is healthy.
    Bravery is putting aside your fear and doing what needs doing.
    Be brave, Elizabeth!

  2. A new place is calling you, liz. Syria. You wll be bullet proof with that Burka on. Watch out for the door know, it doesn’t hit you in the face.

  3. Well, in sincere sympathy I guess we can all be ashamed of her being an American as she is of being one herself.

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