Proving that Magpul doesn’t do anything half-assed.


Ah, brings back memories.

Yes, of course we’re going to embed it!

Turn up the volume (the music is as good as the content) and switch it HD.

In fact, you might pour yourself a glass of a fine beverage to sip before you open it and play it full screen.  It’s just that good.

Ladies:  A fine Christmas gift your man will enjoy.


4 thoughts on “100% WIN: Magpul 2015 photo shoot video”
  1. This is a great video and the calendar will raise some money for wounded Marines. The lovely ladies are letting us all enjoy natures beauty, we get to see some cool hardware and our Troops are getting some help, all this and nothing vulgar or ” dirty “. My calendar is going to really brighten up the wall !!!!

    1. While the video has beautiful women and awesome looking firearms, that was the first thing I noticed as well. Trigger discipline.

      *sarcastically* Thanks a lot, GSL Defense Training. LOL

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