Dead duck: Jamie Lee Faison thought he was going to rape a pretty 19-year-old girl.  He got some hot lead instead.

Three young hoodlums learned all about how every man has his limits in Lumberton, NC.

The three knocked on the door and forced their way inside the residence of the grandparents and their 19-year-old grand-daughter.  They directed the old man back to his safe and forced him to open it for them.

The 67-year-old grandfather complied with their demands.

Right up until the little thugs decided they were going to rape the grand-daughter.

At which point Grandpa took possession of one of their guns and despite being shot by the trio for snatching the gun from one of them, he shot each of the home invaders and would-be rapists.  It’s all about “Sharing is Caring” – just like the Salvation Army touts at Christmas time, right?

The hoodlums ran out of the house, leaving a blood trail any deer hunter would be pleased to see.  They beat a very hasty retreat in the grandfather’s Cadillac.

Two of the three showed up at a nearby hospital with gunshot wounds.  Coincidence, we’re sure.

Police found the third, Jamie Lee Faison, 20, quite expired in Grandpa’s Caddy.

Police believe the trio were responsible for several home invasions in the area.

Check out the rap sheet of one of the invaders, Brandon Stephens.

Good job, grandpa.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


5 thoughts on “A MAN’S LIMITS: Take my money? Sure. Rape my grand-daughter? Time to die, boys!”
  1. Give Grandpa five minutes in a room with the survivors.
    Justice will take care of itself.

  2. Any pile of crap that would want to dehumanize a woman by raping her, especially in front of her family or put elderly people threw the nightmare of watching their grand daughter being violated deserves to rot in hell. PERIOD. these dirty bastards deserve every misery that comes their way. I hope the filth that died suffered big time.

  3. Too bad he couldn’t send the other two to hell to keep the dead one company.

    They will wish that they were in hell after the other prisoners turn them into girls.

    Not sure which would be worse.. hahaaaa Punks!

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