Those gun-free zones really work well.

For criminals.

Two University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) couples were accosted at gunpoint in a “Gun Free Zone” parking deck Monday night.  Not only were they robbed of their valuables, but the gunman (pictured above) ordered the couples to disrobe and then forced the females to perform oral sex on the male victims.

After the robbery, the robber beat his victims.  The college students ran, still naked, to a nearby restaurant for help.  Three of the four were taken to the hospital for treatment.  One of the male victims was “roughed up pretty good” according to police.

Thank heavens the college students were guaranteed disarmed victims thanks to the “Gun-Free Zone” parking deck.

Oh yeah, check out the UAB police department’s website advice, per a story in the Birmingham News:

– Being robbed may be one of the scariest things that you will ever face. It’s important to remain calm and don’t show fear.
– Never resist a robber. The robber wants your valuables, not you! Items can always be replaced…you can’t.

Never resist a robber?  Is the UAB police department grooming their charges to be soft and easy victims for Birmingham’s thug population?

What happens when Mr. Robber wants more than your valuables, ladies?




3 thoughts on “GUN FREE ZONES WORK: Student couples robbed, forced to strip and perform oral sex for armed robber”
  1. That’s why I’m passionately working to rid our state of Illinois of these death zones.

  2. Death zones is right.

    Those girls probably ought to consider themselves lucky Mr. Robber didn’t ask them to fellatiate him as well. I would have paid good money to see one of the victims shoot this trashbag.


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