The pregnant Whitney Butler, 35, and Sgt. David Dunlap, 37, were both shot in the head from behind by Macyo Joelle January when he was 17.


We teach would-be concealed carry license holders to break tunnel vision by looking around and assessing for threats early and often in a potential deadly force incident.

Today brings us another story of how and why this is so critically important.

The human debris Macyo Hoelle January decided he wanted to burglarize a Colorado Springs home.  When the homeowners responded separately to a burglar alarm, he shot them just inside the front door, hitting both in the back of their heads.

This illustrates 1) how perilous and difficult it is to “clear” a structure by yourself, even if you’re armed and well-trained and 2) always watch your back!

Two decent, productive members of society snuffed out by an evil man.

It’s too bad they didn’t get the drop on him and send him to the depths of hell.

How evil was this young punk?

From the story in the UK Daily Mail:

The Gazette reported that January showed no emotion when the jury unanimously found him guilty in front of 4th Judicial District Court Judge Deborah Grohs. 

In the courtroom, Maryln Dunlap — Sgt. David Dunlap’s mother — wept inconsolably while, just feet away, January reportedly smiled and hugged his attorneys following the verdict.

Can we run this punk through a wood chipper?
3 thoughts on “WATCH YOUR SIX: Thug kills newlywed soldier and his pregnant wife”
  1. Everyone should remember this incident the next time someone tells you that you are being paranoid when you train for self protection. The wildlings are out there and your life and the life of your loved ones mean nothing to them.

  2. Good lesson.

    I feel like I should double up on blood pressure AND ulcer meds before logging in lately.

    How about more happy ending stories?

  3. Thug culture. Just like seeing a Muslim Jihadist teaching his little girl to kick a severed head, some cultures and their associated subcultures teach that this is acceptable. Of course from our perspective it is not.

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