Liliya Pilipenko, mother of the deceased.

Denis Volchkin, 28, had a knack for finding himself in trouble.  “Had” being the operand word.

Last Friday evening, he was acting like a belligerent fool and found himself on the receiving end of some hot lead, courtesy of NYPD, after he lunged at cops while holding a couple of knives.

And now his mommy is crying foul, attacking the very police she called to protect her.  She called police twice, in fact, on that fateful day last Friday to protect her from her violent, drunken son. Police did indeed protect her – and themselves – when they shot him.

His momma is now claiming her boy dindu nuffin’ wrong.   “Why shoot him? If you want to shoot, go to Iraq,” she told the NY Post.  “At least they [could have] shot in the leg or arm.”

Life is hard enough.

Life is even harder if you’re stupid.

(NY Post) – The mother of the knife-wielding Brooklyn man shot dead by police on Friday blasted the cops who came to protect her.

“They didn’t just kill my son, they killed our whole family,” 54-year-old Liliya Pilipenko told The Post on Saturday. “Why shoot him? If you want to shoot, go to Iraq.”

Cops were called to her home twice Friday afternoon because 28-year-old Denis Volchkin was drunk, belligerent, and arguing with his mother, neighbors said.

When cops entered the home a second time, Volchkin lunged towards them with two knives while refusing orders to put the weapons down, police said. Cops responded by shooting him in the chest, police said.

“I stayed [in the basement] and heard shots,” his mom said. “At least they [could have] shot in the leg or arm.”

The distraught mom said cops should have shown restraint with her son — who police said had a lengthy arrest record, mostly for DWIs and drug possession.


Here’s what happened as reported by the NY Post.

As officers made their way upstairs, Volchkin caught them off-guard and lunged at them with a knife, authorities said.

An officer shot Volchkin in the torso, and he was rushed to Coney Island Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Four knives were recovered at the scene, according to a law-enforcement source.

Kim Kardashian pal Jonathan Cheban’s bodyguard Saverio Carollo, 40, was busted in August and faces assault charges after he clocked Volchkin in the face at a Brooklyn restaurant — sending the man to the hospital for emergency surgery, law-enforcement sources said.

2 thoughts on “DINDU NUFFIN: Mom upset with cops for shooting her knife-wielding son”
  1. Women needs to look into the mirror to see why her loser son got smoked. She obviously didn’t teach him 1) not to be a jackwagon, 2) not to be a drunk, 3) not to be a criminal, and 4) not to respect authority.

    Maybe NYPD should have stopped by the donut shop for a hot Krispy Kreme before responding to her calls for help. She wouldn’t be bitching if her son killed her dumb ass.


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