Civil authorities have declared an emergency at the Clinton Nuclear Power Plant. They are requesting civilian gun owners to assist in curtailing


“It’s time to shoot these zombies dead and end this threat to our families and children.”

Clinton, IL (DCSC News Service) – Exelon company officials are urging calm in the face of a General Emergency at the Clinton Nuclear Power Station in the aftermath of a radiological accident.   A “General Emergency” is the highest level of Nuclear Power Plant Emergency and local law enforcement and emergency management officials are calling for help from the public in the face of reports of attacks from individuals suffering from some sort of unknown infection in the Clinton area.

Authorities confirm the emergency was radiological in nature, as there was a release of nuclear material from the containment building during an unscheduled maintenance event. Workers exposed to the radiological material began displaying strange, highly aggressive tendencies.  When the plant’s emergency services responders tried to evacuate the exposed workers, they were savagely attacked, according to DeWitt County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency spokeswomen Jane Jones.

Those exposed began violently clawing and biting first responders, inflicting some ghastly injuries on the plant’s emergency services responders.  Minutes later, the injured first responders became violent as well, attacking the plant’s armed security team members and others.

Shots were fired and additional help was summoned, but within an hour, the situation had become critical as scores of very aggressive individuals were roaming throughout the plant.

“We learned from someone who fled the scene that the Exelon Security Team shot one employee who was biting the neck of a co-worker, tearing away flesh.  The attacker was shot dozens of times and continued to attack.  That was when our source fled the scene and left the plant,” Jones reported.  “We know through video surveillance that scores of affected individuals are present in the plant.”

The situation grew more serious and dozens have died as the DeWitt County Sheriff Jerry Law reports that deputies have responded to residences and campgrounds near the plant where afflicted individuals were attacking healthy individuals.  “We’ve found that only brain trauma will stop the aggression.  Shooting infected individuals in the brain seems to be the best way to stop them.  Some residents have used a baseball bat or machete with some success, but I wouldn’t want one of these things that close to me if I could avoid it.”

Sheriff Law also said that the “infected” individuals are overwhelming city, county and state law enforcement officers.

Sheriff Law, while urging calm in general, is pleading for firearm owners throughout the area to report to the DeWitt County Sportsmen’s Club range on Saturday, October 25, 2014 for assignments.  “Bring your rifles, pistols and ammunition,” Law said.  “We need gun owners to supplement local and state law enforcement who are busy tending to other matters.”

“It’s time to shoot these zombies dead and end this threat to our families and children,” the sheriff said.


DeWitt County Sportsmen’s Club
Saturday, October 25, 2014

9:00 a.m. – ?
DeWitt County Sportsmen’s Club
15423 State Route 10
Clinton, IL 61727
Six miles EAST of Clinton city limit on Route 10.

Registration $5 per run.

Two separate scenarios!

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  1. I missed Aurora’s zombie shoot. I might have to try this one to get into the halloween spirit!

  2. The only good zombie is a dead zombie. One of them bit my neighbor’s wife and she ran off with him.

  3. I have to say, I’ve seen this promoted in past years, but I think I’m going to come on out this year. Hopefully my 10-22 rifle and my 9mm pistol will be enough to get me some zombies.

    Isn’t this the one where you guys have mannequin heads that you shoot off the characters?


    1. It indeed is the shoot where you shoot the zombies in the heads. They don’t always fall if it’s not a good shot.

      Best time to clear the course wins. And you’ve got to be on your game.


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