Moms Demand Action employee Alison Martin.

Alison A. Martin works for Moms Demand Action as their NY Chapter Leader.  She looks a little young to be a mom, but who knows.

She had this Twitter exchange yesterday:

Screen grab courtesy Home Gun Training.

We are simply speechless at her ignorance of history (not surprising for someone who advocates a return to tyranny).

Josef Goebbels was most famous in his role as the German Minister of Propaganda from 1933-1945, and preceded by Adolf Hitler.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and then some:

25 thoughts on “WOW: Moms Demand Action employee cites Goebbels’ words as wise words to live by”
  1. It’s more an indictment of public schools than anything but consider this. There is merit in the “no worries, nothing to hide” attitude. But then there is that whole RIGHTS thing. That aspect DESTROYS the nothing to hide argument BECAUSE it is literally at war with what RIGHTS are.
    Example – forcing a permit on religious exercise destroys the right – thus a permitting of it is out of bounds. It’s NOT ABOUT hiding, it’s about a RIGHT to FREELY exercise RIGHTS.
    Some people aim to worship openly, some folks aim to do so in private. BOTH are due their RIGHT to do – absent permission by any other (person or gubmint).

    The Second Amendment is no different.

    Here is what one should ask a person like this young girl – is it anyone else’s business if you have an abortion or is it your business? I suspect her, like her leftist teachers, would and will reflexively retort that it’s NOBODYS business but themselves…. To which the pro gun rights folks say “NOW YER GETTIN IT!” Then they are only left with “well guns are different” to which we respond uh uh – that set of rights is actually ENUMERATED, meaning it is elevated even beyond the fabricated “abortion rights” you hold so dear and sacrosanct.

    It’s not about having something to hide. It’s about being left alone to go about our lives in peace – absent intrusion into our lives by busy body do gooder nanny state police state liberal pukes who claim to be educated but can’t THINK their way out of a wet paper bag.

  2. That would seem to be THIS well educated Alison Martin…

    Certificate in Journalism from New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies New, York University and Manhattanville College Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Communication and Media Studies.

    She lists some of her work credits as:
    Freelance Writer, Freelance Writer, and Writer for Catholic New York Newspaper (and it says she STILL works there.

    From LinkedIn:
    I’m a dedicated, hard-working, individual with strong administrative and writing abilities and expertise in computers and social media. I have a great appreciation for arts and culture and I always take the time to explore the latest exhibitions in the city’s many museums, galleries, and other art related venues. I’m also passionate about politics and progressive issues and have worked on political and issue campaigns.

    You’d think she should know better, bless her little heart.

  3. Self aware, self righteous and over educated liberal democrat. Somebody hand it a light bulb to put in a desk lamp.

    1. I bet she’s a fun little roll in the hay. I bet she’s multi-talented thanks to lots of practice.

      Stupid little wench.

      In five or fifteen years, when she grows up after getting beat to hell or robbed or both, she’ll see the light and become a conservative.

      Until then, ignorance really is bliss.

  4. well, the Democrats and Progressives base their whole philosophy on this one:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
    -Adolf Hitler

  5. Don’t forget what Uncle Jo Stalin said:
    “Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party.”

  6. This is the disease know as liberalism, total hatred of freedom and rights. what a sick and unfit ” mom “.

  7. I mean she obviously didn’t know the name… no big deal. She’s still wrong whether she knows the name of a historical figure or not regardless so why make that a point

    1. It is important because the same tactics used by historical autocrats are being used by modern progressives.

  8. Someone should check to see if any “child labor laws” are being broken. Allison works for Moms Demand Action? She looks like she is 12 years old.

    1. They should really talk to this Goebbels guy to come up with some kind of…Final…Solution?

  9. I bet she knows full well who Josef Goebbels is, and simply feels that ‘any port in the storm’ will do. If Nazis agree with her viewpoint, she will salute them.

    Smartly, with her heels clicking together.

  10. She probably doesn’t even know whom Joseph Goebbels is. The quote just sounded good to her so she used it and it doesn’t matter to her, whom she is quoting. I suspect, if she even knows what and whom the NAZI’s were, that she would say that at least they did some good things like confiscating guns from the population. These people are dolts. And that will be this country’s saving grace. For when THEY START the coming civil war they will be to stupid to figure out how to win it.

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