Proof that government can move quickly when it needs to.

Washington DC’s city government approved concealed carry legislation that would allow residents to carry concealed firearms.  It’s “may issue” and we’ll have to see if the city’s police chief issues licenses with some degree of regularity …or not.

CCW will not be allowed in any of the government buildings, however.

There are still plenty of areas of that city (see above) where concealed carry can be a godsend.


Mayor Gray Thanks Council for Passing Emergency Firearm Legislation to Bring District into Compliance with Court Ruling
Measure Protects District Residents’ Safety While Complying with Recent Federal Decision

WASHINGTON, DC (DC Mayor’s office) – Mayor Gray today thanked the DC Council for passing the “License to Carry a Pistol Emergency Amendment Act of 2014,” which the Mayor’s administration developed jointly with Chairman Phil Mendelson, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells, and Council staff. Drafted in response to the recent US District Court decision in Palmer v. District of Columbia invalidating the District’s ban on carrying pistols outside the home, the bill will amend the District’s laws to better ensure the safety of District residents while comporting with the court’s ruling.

“I would like to thank the Council for not only approving this bill, but also for working so closely and collaboratively with my administration to ensure we drafted the best legislation possible to ensure public safety while also comporting with the courts’ prevailing interpretation of the Second Amendment,” Mayor Gray said. “While I would prefer that we did not have to change our laws to allow the carrying of concealed weapons by civilians, this bill ensures that we will be able to meet the requirements of the Constitution while maintaining the maximum amount of safeguards possible to protect our residents, visitors, workers and public-safety officers.”

The court ruled in late July that, in the District, a person’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for self-defense must extend beyond the home. The court subsequently granted a 90-day stay of its decision.


6 thoughts on “THAT WAS QUICK! DC approves “may issue” concealed carry”
  1. If I am not mistaken, non-residents must register their firearms with the local jurisdiction while they are in D.C…..thanks, but no thanks. Might as well not even have a law if it’s going to be so restrictive.

  2. There are already rulings on the books about may issue jurisdictions with severe restrictions. These guys know this. They are just trying to delay for as long as possible.

  3. If Judge Posner would have said we can carry on a FOID card untill there was a law in place Illinois would have shown them what fast was. We would have had a law in a week.

  4. This is as good as ” No issue “, Until SCOTUS hears a case ( rather than passing on them ) the 2nd will remain infringed.

  5. Bet it really hurt that unit of government to vote to approve any carry law, even if it was ‘may issue’.

    I’d also wager that they won’t make licensees names public because the only people who will get those licenses are the highly connected and influential.


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