Canton, Ohio – the town made famous for Daniel Harless, the raving lunatic cop who threatened to shoot a concealed carry licensee back in 2011 – is back on our radar in more recent days.  It seems a trio of young black men decided to rob the local “stop and rob” with disastrous results.

Two of them enjoyed slow, painful deaths following the encounter and now the baby momma of one of them wants you to make a donation to pay for his funeral expenses!  More on the funeral expenses fundraising campaign in a moment, but first, the story and videos of the incident:

3rd suspect still at large after armed robbery attempt in Canton leaves 2 dead

Canton, OH  ( – Canton Police released surveillance video and audio from a 911 call, in connection to an armed robbery attempt at a gas station Monday night that left two suspects dead .

Investigators say 21-year-old Ronnie Lawson and 23-year-old Antonio Gracia died from gunshot wounds sustained in a shootout with an armed store clerk.

Police say a third suspect is still at large.

The shooting happened at the Marathon gas station on 9th Street Southwest in Canton just before 9:30 p.m. on Monday.

Police say the three suspects entered the store armed with guns and exchanged gunfire with one of two clerks inside.

“The employee states that he’d been shot during a robbery attempt by three masked subjects,” said Canton Police Captain Dave Davis. “The employee stated that he did return fire striking the robbers during this incident.”

Interior store video:

Embedding didn’t work.

Here’s a link to the video on Facebook, posted by Canton PD.

Exterior video:

It’s hard to run away when your pants are hanging down on your thighs.  Especially when your leg doesn’t work so well after getting yourself perforated a few times.

Anyway, it’s time to meet some of the cast of characters.

The two dead bad guys Ronnie Lawson, 21, and Antonio Garcia, 23, both from Canton, Ohio.

Police were unable to question the thugs to discover the identity of the third compatriot as the two are no longer with us.

Ronnie Lawson – aka Rosae Lawson – needs buried and his baby momma put up a “Go Fund Me” page, supposedly to collect money for his funeral expenses.  Here’s his GoFundMe page from Wednesday, September 24th:


Seems the folks at Go Fund Me weren’t really impressed with their good name associated with paying for an armed robber’s funeral.  Thursday, September 25th, the same page looked like this:

His baby momma, Ariel Evans, who is now single, with the gentle teddy bear Ronnie Lawson (via Facebook):


Ronnie’s no stranger to fame and publicity.  While every mother likes to see their kid featured in the hometown newspaper, we’re not sure Ronnie’s fame is the sort of newspaper account most moms want.

He was featured as the fugitive of the week in The Canton Rep on March 23rd, 2014.


Here are some more photos of Ronnie Lawson from Facebook.

And one of him stoned…  or so he bragged.

And one of him flashing his cash to impress his friends.

Here’s an idea, Ronnie:  Why don’t you use that wad of cash to pay for your funeral instead of asking other people to foot the bill?  Or better yet, try working a job instead of robbing hard-working folks to get your wad of cash.

30 thoughts on “ENTITLEMENT SYNDROME? Thug’s “baby momma” wanted donations for his funeral expenses”
    1. you people leaving such disgusting comments!! I bet none you even own a gun!! and as a mom and a gun owner i wish NO DAETH OR HARM TO ANYONE!!!!!! AND the way the person wrote this article is disgusting to me too. if i were the owner of this website i would fire this writer!!!

  1. Hello Ronnie.

    While you may have thought you were a tough guy flashing the bird to the camera, it looks as though society got the last laugh on your silly punk-ass.

    That clerk did taxpayers a huge favor. The only regret? That he didn’t get the third thug and turn him worm food too.

    If Ronnie’s family wants to save money, take him to a veterinary clinic that does cremations. I bet they could roast him for a couple hundred bucks.

    Or if they want to really be cheap, put him in an old, abandoned house and set it alight. Or toss him into a wood chipper and let him be one with nature.

    Problem solved.


  2. The mother-to-be of his illegitimate kid says Ronnie’s life was taken before his time.

    I’d say his time was up when he decided to do what he did.

  3. I’d surmise someone has a PIG farm within spittin’ distance of Canton.

    P.S> Nice to read a Sam Whittemore post where he’s not talking about other mens’ balls. Man, that guy has a testicle fetish1

  4. Donate what’s left of him to science, thus no burial cost.
    Maybe they can figure out what makes scum like that tick.

  5. How disrespectful of all of you to make fun of the fact that this young lady has to bury her childs father. What he did was wrong, yes, but hes still a human and needs buried! Yall shpuld be ashamed of yourselves….ignorance is not cute.

    1. It is not ignorance, it is we don’t give a crap about thugs. He got what he deserved, and his baby mama is upset, well, maybe she should have made a better choice in men.

    2. T,

      I’ll tell ya what’s disrespectful: it’s pointing your gun in someone’s face and threatening to kill them if they don’t give you their money/valuables.

      This Ronnie/Lonnie or whatever his name was never has been worth a warm squat all his life. So he was a sperm donor to some teen girl with low self-esteem. I mean, what decent girl gets knocked up from a gang-banging thug who has already been charged with armed robbery? I’ll tell you what decent girl… NO DECENT GIRL.

      His baby momma will likely be a welfare momma all her life because of her poor decision making.

      But birds of a feather flock together. If you feel so sorry for this oxygen thief’s loss or his pregnant girlfriend, go ahead and write a check.

      I personally think there are an INFINITE amount of better charities to give to myself.

      Good riddance Ronnie.


    3. What’s your definition of a human? Does a wild animal have choice, the ability to reason, compassion, empathy, critical thinking? When most animals have a litter they momma only stays around. Make a list, check it twice.

    4. Too bad you don’t have as much concern for the clerk that was shot. how’s he doing ? I’m not ashamed of a damn thing, especially the fact that I smile ear to ear every time I read about some bottom feeder getting taken out. you’re right ignorance is not cute, neither is criminal coddling liberal stupidity.

    5. You’re kidding, right? You misspelled “should” AND “ya’ll”; your ignorance is unfortunate. I venture to guess a man who is a career thief is no father. And a woman who allows a man who posts vulgar pictures on facebook, photos of himself stoned, and wads of stolen cash is FAR from what I would consider a “lady”.

  6. He forfeited respect when he went bad. He earned what happened to him. It was a mathematical certainty. He was no ‘good kid’…… he was a punk from way back, from a culture of violence and ignorance. F him.

  7. Ariel Evans was aware of the robbery at the gas station and at La Reynas in April. His girlfriend should be arrested as an accomplice. At La Reynas , he stole $30,000 and the owner was critically injured and had to have emergency skull surgery. Awards leading to the arrest will be forthcoming. Businesses are becoming well armed . Proud concealed weapon owner.

  8. Ok…i agree and also stated that what he did was indeed wrong. Its completely disrespectful to rob someone and a life of crime only ends in one of 2 ways…a cage or a grave. Im simply stating that regardless, someone has to pay for his burial..point blank and the period.

    1. Maybe his rotten crotch girlfriend can work out a payment plan with the funeral home, get a job and pay the bill, maybe the funeral home takes food stamps, she should ask.

      Option #2 It won’t be long until She’ll surely be spreading her legs for a new thug, maybe he can peel some ” fitties ” of his roll of ill gotten money and pick up the tab.

  9. This dirtball & band of merry scum are responsible for 6 armed robberies of businesses. Some of their boys ratted them out under heavy interrogation. Ronnie is, I’m sorry, WAS a suspect in a homicide. Rest in hell lowlife!!!

  10. Six other armed robberies?

    How surprising. He didn’t act like it was his first time doing this.

    Hope he enjoyed a painful, miserable death. Perfect ending for a cockroach.

    And I hope his pregnant girlfriend get the herp’ from him too!

  11. Whoever wrote this shit and took the time too write this shit,should be shot in the face!
    FUCK Y’ALL ALL Y’ALL ,You disrespectful assholes , THESE MEN LOST THEIR lives bad decision?! Yes it was but that does not give people the right to make a mockery of their deaths,you should all be ashamed of yourselves, Rest Easy Ronnie&Antonio. And the way your talkin and where this took place the clerk won’t have much longer,. DICKHEADS!

    1. Dont worry man they are resting real easy right now! Them boys are getting ready to push up some posies lol

    2. The fact that you are pissed about two animals that needed to be put down makes me grin from ear to ear.

    3. Really?! You used the wrong form of the word “to”… You are an idiot and your threat to the cashier has not been lost on me. You are associating yourself with pieces of garbage. YOU are a piece of garbage. I hope you run face first into the barrel end of the next hard working citizen you choose to mess with.

    4. Hey there t.pain, or whatever ghetto ass bullshit name you are going by today. You are upset because your hoodrat friends got killed, and I guess I understand that, but making threats to the clerk, who happens to be someone in my friend circle, isn’t exactly a healthy choice. You need to stop acting like the ghetto trash you are and get your shit together. It is sad to say, but you will probably be one of the next garbage ass wannabe thugs to get put in a black bag and hauled off to the body house. Just remember, there are good people out there with guns too, and they actually know how to shoot, unlike your dead homies…

  12. The clerk is a hero! Straight up hero!, Society should be proud to call him one of ours! Now we the honest hard working tax paying citizens of Canton Ohio dont have to support these convict pieces of shit anymore! As for the go fund me tramp asking for money to help bury the love of her life! Lol that is something that was left out of this article as I am sure everyone can see Ronnie’s girl is a comedian and as funny as she is should have been able to support ronnies convict ass herself!

  13. None of the robbers gave a damn whether their families had money to bury them before they went in and tried to rob this store. Nor did they give a damn that the clerk they shot recently had a child. They didn’t care about his child knowing his father. It just so happens when you bring a gun into a bad situation be prepared for the worse, especially when the gun that’s facing you happens to be in the hands of an individual who has a CCW & knows how to aim. Lawson’s child is better off not knowing his father, cause clearly he was such a model citizen. This is clearly an example of guns don’t shot people; people shoot people, and the only thing standing in the way of a bad person with a gun is a good trained person with a gun. I’m all for the clerk. The robbers knew what might happen when they made their choices, it just so happens it didn’t favor them this time.

  14. It’s not necessarily the position that I find disgusting. It’s the acerbic tone, unrestricted hatred, and relentless fervor in which it’s being expressed that baffles me. Kicking a man when he’s down is one thing, but the dude is dead… he got his. People are literally kicking his corpse.

    A lot of the attitudes expressed here just perpetuates more division and class separation, I honestly don’t see how these people can’t see themselves as part of the problem.

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