Remember:  Texas has the “he needed killin'” defense, along with a very liberal tolerance for using deadly force in the dead of night to protect property.

Illinois, however, isn’t Texas!


CHANNELVIEW, TX ( — A burglary suspect is dead, after neighbors foiled a break-in in suburban Houston, Texas.

The burglar alarms went off at 2am in the 300 block of Lakeside Drive. Harris County Sheriff detectives say the family who owned the home had recently moved out of state. The couple next door were watching over their friends’ empty home when the alarm went off.

Detectives say the couple grabbed their guns, and went next door.

“Both of the homeowners had their conceal and carry license, armed themselves, went next door to the house and check to see if there were any burglars in the house,” said Sgt. Ben Beall of the Harris County Sheriffs Department.

Sgt. Beall says the couple found the burglary suspect locked in a bathroom of their friend’s home. They announced that they had guns, and tried to open the bathroom door. When they opened the bathroom door, the suspect allegedly rushed at the homeowners.

“He knocked the female into some of the furniture, both the homeowners discharged their weapons, striking the male. The male was able to get to the backyard, where he collapsed,” said Sgt. Beall.

3 thoughts on “LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, A GUN OWNER IS THERE: Burglar discovers home was no gun free zone”
  1. Glad the neighbors didn’t get hurt, if I had neighbors that would risk their lives to protect my stuff I would think twice about moving.

  2. It’s the quiet confidence instilled from training that takes over your fears in the heat of the moment…

  3. That was really the wrong thing to do on their part. They were lucky he was not armed and decided to shoot them through the bathroom door. If they knew noone was home I would not be willing to die over someone elses “stuff”. Just plain stupid. Never enter someone elses empty house with an unknown number of bad guys. Call the cops and wait outside to see who exits and deal with it there.

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