When seconds count, police are minutes away.

United Parcel Service has a corporate policy banning concealed carry or other weapons from its offices and property.

Ask them how that worked out for them today.

Birmingham News has the story:

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (AL.com) –Three people are dead — including the gunman — after a shooting this morning at a UPS facility in Inglenook, according to Birmingham officials.

The incident happened just before 9:30 a.m. as police received multiple calls of an active shooter. Several employees fled the scene.

“We have no information regarding the motivation,” said Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper. “We have a pretty good idea about what transpired.”

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Another “Gun-free zone” massacre”
  1. I always think it is ironic when I walk past that sign to pick up a shipment from Lucky Gunner. The sign at the local facility clearly states no firearms or firearms ammunition allowed on premises. I like to point out the markings on my package to them… Cartridges, Small Arms, ORM-D.

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