Joshua McCann, a 22-year-old professional driver from Wisconsin, was just trying to pick up a motorcycle in San Antonio, Texas to take back to a customer in Michigan.  He found the bike, but he also found himself in the middle of a carjacking as well, confronted by a man claiming to be a cop.

The fake cop asked the 22-year-old to step out of his truck.  The driver exited his vehicle and asked the so-called “cop” for some ID or a badge.

When the robber couldn’t produce any credentials, but instead announced that it was a carjacking, the driver pulled his concealed carry piece and triple-tapped the robber in the gut, abruptly ending the robbery.  It also ended the robber’s career as he exsanguinated all over the parking lot.

The driver possessed a Wisconsin concealed carry license and was not charged.



3 thoughts on “HAPPY ENDINGS: Wisconsin CCW holder stops carjacking in Texas”
  1. Yes, I’m sure that truck was really nice but the hearse has sooo much more room to stretch out in. Mr. Carjacker got an upgrade !!!!!

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